The Dunsidane

The king has been murdered

Before the king was slaughtered at the Malcolm's place they was having a get together and they all was drunk and was having a good time when it got time for them to settle down to get to rest lady Macbeth gave the guards of the kings a drink after that she went to bed.

The king has been murdered ! At midnight ross has discovered that King Duncan has been killed in his bed stabbed to death and sliced throat blood all over the floor and bedside table. The Macbeth family is surprised to hear about the murder that happened. When lady Macbeth heard of the news she said" there a murder in my house oh my who would have done that." she fainted as well. She could not believe that someone murdered the king. There suspect was the two guards that was asleep with blood smeared all over them.Macbeth slapped them so hard to wake them up and shot them for killing the king. They also believe that the two sons Malcolm and donalbain how murdered their own father for the crown because they was the next one to be crowned when their father died. The sons believe that the killer was still in the house so Malcolm fled to Scotland and donalbain fled to England. So therefore the only one left is Macbeth and lady Macbeth.After a little while being king Macbeth had ran into the witches and was told that no body born from a woman shall harm him and that he has only to worry about Banquo so he had some murderers to take him out and kill him and his son but they only got Banquo not his son. His son had fled and never came back after that he started seeing ghost and after the murder of Macduff's wife and son the lady Macbeth started sleep walking and told on them while she was asleep to the servant and the doctor that the servant got to check her out to see whats going on with her after that the day of the battle between Malcolm and Macbeth the lady kills herself and Macbeth is killed.