6th Grade Technology Projects

Ali Bolssen Day:1 Hour:1

About this Site!

This site is about ALL the units we did in 6th grade technology!


In technology we did coding. Coding was about you trying to figure out how to do something by command. Sometimes you got new commands and sometimes you would work with old ones. You are given a quest or something to do and you have to figure it out. You only have a certain amount of commands you can do.

Learn to Type:

Another thing we did was typing. The teacher would give us a certain spot we would have to be by the end of the semester and then, we would have to do that. We had to do 5 minutes each day for a warm up. Each of us were at different spots. Some were in the intermediate lessons and some were in the advanced lessons. Some of us even got to the highest lessons, practice.

Explain Everything!

Also, we did Explain Everything. In Explain Everything we got to pick a math problem. We would write the problem down on the app and show a diagram of the problem. Then, we would record our selves talking and working out the problem.

Haiku Deck,

Haiku Deck was about us doing a presentation about our dream job. We would research about what kind of work you would do (hours, days, types, etc.) for that job. Then, we would tell the class about our job. We could use pictures, bullet points, etc.

Career Locker!

In Career Locker Mrs. Vandenbogard would come in to teach us how to use the site. We would take quizzes about the type of learning we are good at and what jobs we would be good at. We got to look at colleges and jobs that we would want to be.


We got to make a trailer all about us or our family. We couldn't search any pictures off of google. We had to take the pictures ourselves. Then, we would submit is to Schoology and that would be our grade.