BTK Killer Dennis Rader

BY: Tae Yeon


Dennis Rader is a BTK (Blind, Torture, Kill) Killer who murdered 10 people in Wichita the town from Kansas He's murder started from the year 1974 ~ 1991. Also he mostly killed Females. He used unusual weapons; such as plastic bag, belt, nylon stocking, rope ect. It took a lot time for police to find the BTK killer, they found him by his daughter's DNA and his fingerprints, Digital footprints and his signature and lastly his floppy disks.

Dennis Rader Early Life

Dennis Rader was born on March 9th 1945 in Pittsburg. He was the eldest out of four sons to William Elvin Rader, a Kansas gas and electricity employee. He grew up in Wichita and according to some reports when he was young he liked to torture animals. He would hang cats and dong is barns. He was also harbored a sexual fetish for women's underwear and later he stole underwear from his victims. After attending Kansas Wesleyan University between 1965 and 1966, he was in the U.S Air Force until 1970, stationed in Texas, Alabama, Okinawa, South Korea, Greece and Turkey. During this time he would peep in women's undressing and burglarize house to steal women's underwear.

The Mode Operation Of BTK Killer

Dennis Rader would stalk the victim and then he would tie up their legs and arm so they can not runaway from him, and then he would sexually abuse them, lastly, he would torture and kill the person. If his victim ran away he would write a poem about what he might have done to the victim.

"The BTK killer usually targeted his neighbors where he thought that women would be alone and gathered information about his victim to the extent of stalking them" - Yahoo News


Dennis Rader got caught on February 25, 2005 when he was driving near his house in the town of Wichita. After he got caught, the police asked "Mr. Rader, do you know why you're going downtown?" then he replied "Oh, I have my suspicions, why?". The police found him by a lot of DNA testing. It took over 1300 DNA samples were taken to find Dennis Rader. After long time has been past the FBI, and police found a DNA sample of Dennis Rader's daughter's DNA then the police would finally arrest him. Their final clue to arrest him was the floppy disk, DNA, fingerprints and his unique signature.

Dennis Rader's 3 Important Evidence

Forensic Technique (DNA)

DNA was one of final clue to arrest the BTK Killer. At first it was really hard for the FBI to research about the Dennis Rader because one of his victims gave police his fingernails, however it was unknown evidence. The FBI's started to test hundreds of men to find who was the BTK killer (it took 1300 DNA of men to find him), however, in the end the FBI found his daughter and the problem was solved.

How does DNA work? (Techniques and Equitments)

Steps To Collect DNA

1. DNA Collect

First you collect the DNA from the person. DNA can be found in Hair, Fingernails/Toenails, ect.

2. Cell Isolation

Secondly, when you give your examples of DNA the scientists will isolate your DNA.

3. DNA Extraction

In this step the scientist extract from DNA from the cells using a process called "Lysis". During the lysis step, the cells are subjected to high heat to break open the cell membrane. Once the cell membrane is broken, the DNA released into the solution.

4. PCR Amplification

PCR stand for "Polymerase Chain Reaction". During the PCR process, the DNA strands are separated at high temperature. "Primers" are added to the reaction. After the primers have annealed around the parts of DNA to be examined, the conditions are changed and the region of interest is duplicated using a chemical called TAQ Polymerase. Just in hours the PCR will produce a million of copies of DNA.

5. Sequencing

Sequencing is the last step of the DNA testing. It allows the scientists to see the Y- chromosomes. During this sequences , the amplified DNA is drawn up a capillary which contains a gel matrix.

6. Analyze

This is the final step scientist take to finish the DNA testing. In this step scientist puts all the data in a computer and summaries the DNA sample. Also the report is written after this step.

The Beginning Of DNA Testing

The DNA testing started in the year 1985. It started by biological material for example, Skin, hair, and blood. In the 1987 Florida rapist Tommie Lee Andrews became the first person in the U.S to be convicted as a result of DNA evidence: he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars. The next year, a Virginia killer dubbed the "South Side Strangler" was sentenced to death after DNA linked him to several rapes and murders around Richmond. Its getting more accurate then the past however, DNA testing has its limitations.

The Limitation Of DNA Testing

DNA testing has a powerful evidence. However, it does have a limitation.

Matching DNA from a crime scene to DNA taken from the suspect is not an absolute guarantee of the suspects' guilt. Instead Forensic Scientist likes to talk about the probabilities. For example: they might take the chance of a crime DNA testing and getting it right is 1:7000. In the 1: 7000 might include people who are the involved in the crime scene. In the conclusion, DNA testing is a strong evidence of crime scene, however, it also can assume some people who were not involved in the crime scene.

Science of DNA Testing (1 of 7)

Conclusion Of The BTK Killer

In conclusion the BTK Killer is now in jail. Dennis Rader who terrorized the Wichita area and taunted police during 17 years (1974~1991) received 10 consecutive life sentences one for each of his victims. Minimum of 175 years behind bars without the possibility of parole.