Sara's Soul Sisters Team Newsletter

March 2016

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Welcome to all of our new Soul Sisters! This is our monthly newsletter, which celebrates all of our team accomplishments for the past month.

Be sure to check out (TOT) for all of the latest announcements and upcoming events. You will also receive an email each Monday from Home Office called the 411 with important information as well.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your Thirty-One business. I am here to support you on your journey!

UPCOMING EVENTS! Don't miss these!

  • Virtual Team Meeting - TONIGHT (Tuesday 3/15) at 8:30pm EST - What's more fun than a team meeting? A team meeting in your PJs! :) Our team meeting will be a VIRTUAL meeting, from the comfort of your own home! To connect to the meeting, click this link to download the Zoom software/app (yes, you can use your phone too!):

    (You will want to download the software prior to the meeting so you can make sure you are good to go at meeting time!)

  • Opportunity Event - This Sunday at 9pm EST - Know someone that might be interested in learning more about what we do? Invite them to a special event on Facebook run by myself that will answer all of their questions! You should have already received an invite to the event (if not, please let me know ASAP).

    IMPORTANT - Do NOT NOT NOT just invite someone to the event - send them a PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL message first!

  • Conference 2016 - Join us in Columbus from July 16-18 for an AMAZEBALLS Conference! This will not only boost your business, but your personal life as well! It is the 2nd best $99 you will spend (just behind your New Consultant!), I promise you! Conference attendees earn on average 4 times MORE! You cannot afford to not go!

    I will personally be attending in Columbus, but you are more than welcome to attend in Salt Lake City the week before if you choose!

*****Time to CELEBRATE!***** February 2015

Sara's Soul Sisters Team Stats

Fab 5 - Sales!

Congratulations to the gals with the top amount of Personal Volume!

Eileen Cartagena - $1130.00

Sarah McGloughlin - $867.00

Nichole Elliott - $397.00

Tari Bramlett - $371.00

Shannon Merritt - $349.00

Fab 5 - Parties!

Congratulations to the gals with the top number of parties (2+ parties!)

Eileen Cartagena


Congratulations on sharing this amazing opportunity with others!

Shannon Merritt

Welcome to the Team!

Eileen Cartagena

Melanie Sumpter

Look Who Qualified!

These ladies have sold their first $1000! Awesome job!

Eileen Cartagena

Startswell Earners!

These ladies met their Start Swell goals and earned a kit of their choice for FREE!

Eileen Cartagena - Level 1!

$500+ Parties

These ladies have submitted a $500 party or higher! Be sure to ask them for some tips!

Sarah McGloughlin - $711.00

Eileen Cartagena - $517.00


These ladies have submitted at least 1 party this month! Rock it ladies!

Sarah McGloughlin

Tari Bramlett

Nichole Elliott

Eileen Cartagena

Shannon Merritt

Melissa Reffitt

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions or if I can help out in any way! You can reach me via call/text, email, or FB!

Sara's Stats

Personal Volume - $2530.00

Number of Parties - 4

New Team Members - 1