How do you punt a football?

Will Cowart

Kick that Ball

Punting is a lot harder than it looks. First you have to find the right stance. It needs to be comfortable but efficient. After you find you stance, you need to get your steps right. I take one jab step (like half of a step), one regular step, and then a plant step. I am right footed so I start with my left foot forward in my stance. I step left, right, then plant with my left.All while this is happening, you have to catch the snap. Then after you catch the snap you have to rotate the ball so the laces are up (kicking the laces hurts and messes up ball flight). The you extend your arms so the ball will be dropped directly on your right foot. The ball needs to be flat with the nose pointed to the left slightly inward. Then have you drop the ball you swing your leg through it. Your leg swing must be straight so the ball flight will be straight. If all of these things are done correctly and priced together correctly, you should have a good punt. As you can see, there are so many moving parts to having a good punt that it is a difficult task.

The ball field

Find an open field, doesn't even need uprights!