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Rome and Japan By: Matthew Bellis


Rome and Japan were very powerful civilizations. They both had powerful empires. The civilizations were mostly fighting wars.


Rome was one of the strongest civilizations. Rome was very disciplined civilization. Rome had a battle strategy called the turtle. The turtle was when all of the army put their shield over their heads and it looked like a turtle.

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Rome Origins

Rome started off as three tribes that joined together. Most of the records were destroyed in the Celtic Invasion. The early Romans used weapons like javelins, bows, and slings. At this time In this early time they were ruled by Etruscans their more advanced northern neighbors.


Japans soldiers are called samurai they are powerful soldiers. Their weapons include katanas and wakizashi. The samurai have been the soldiers for a long time.

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Rome and Japan's weapons

The weapons Rome used included a shield, javelins, and bows. The used these weapons and they became very successful.

The weapons Japan used katanas and wakizashi. They were very good weapons.