Water In Developing Countries Project By Talia DiSanto


Central Africa
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The south is hot and dry November-February. The main rainy season is June-October. Temperatures in the north vary.


About 23.63 million people live in Cameroon

Water Problems

The infrastructure of the country was not built to prepare for the rapidly growing population. Because of this, residents are forced to go very far out of their towns to get water from rivers and streams. The drop in the water level also caused many residents' faucets to run dry.

Main Source of Water

Rivers and streams

How Do They Get Water?

People have to drive or walk many miles out of their town to get to water. They bring buckets and get as much water as they can carry.

Quality of Water

The rivers and streams contain fresh, clear water, but it is questionable. The water is still prone to bacteria and parasites.

What Efforts Are Being Made?

The Cameroon government is rationing water and trying to sanitize as much water as they can. The country has limited sanitation facilities though.

Programs And Associations That Are Taking Action

Who We Are (program), GHO (association)