Good Citizenship

Heaven, Morgan, Dominic, October, 16

Who is a citizen?

A U.S citizen is a person who owes allegiance to America either by birth or by choice. You can either be born in america, have one parent that is already a citizen, go through the process called naturalization, or you have to be under 18 when your parents are naturalized.

How can one become a citizen?

Being born in the U.S, born with 1 parent already being a citizen, your parents becoming a citizen when your under 18 or going through the naturalization process. The naturalization process includes a application, then the examination, and ending with a final hearing.
Steps of the Naturalization Process

What power does one have with "office of citizen"

You have the power to have judgement on the public questions and voting for the government. One of the responsibilities of a good citizen is to make distinction of personal .V.S public interests.

Rights, duties, and responsibilities of a good citizen.

Rights are based on beliefs and values Americans share. Some rights are the right to say what you think or freedom of speech, to belief in your own religion, and the right to vote. Duties are things that you need to do as a loyal U.S citizen. It is also something that you need to do or complete as a U.S citizen to support the governments effects by meeting needs in society. Examples of duties are obeying the law, paying taxes, and attending school. Responsibilities are fulfilled by choice. Some responsibilities are voting, serving the community, and participating in elections.
Volunteering and Community Service