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"spoils system"

Another reason would be because Jackson basically said that if the people voted for him that they would get something out of it, he is awarding the offices that are voting for him. Jackson had to replace 2 different peope until he found one that agreed with what he was gonna do. HIs meathod was also called the corrupt use of political patronage, and the "spoils system" was just known as a nickname.

The Trail Of Tears

Jackson was a bad man because reason one is that he the Cherokee move to a different place to live because he wanted their land for the gold and the massive amounts of cotton. Because Jackson made the Cherokee move, they moved from the Southern Eastern us to Oklahoma. While moving abour half to the indians died because of sickness, starvasion, heat, and bitter cold. A bil was signed to allow the exchanging of the indian land. And when they get to te land it would be fully furnished, they would have medecine.