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Howard Marans MD: Non-Surgical Arthritis Treatments

Howard Marans MD - Millions of adults suffer from the effects of arthritis. The painful swelling and stiffness of joints make the simplest of daily activities difficult to perform. Both prescription and over the counter medications are available to help ease the pain of arthritis. Other non-surgical arthritis treatments may help in easing some of these painful symptoms.

Exercise Regularly

An arthritis sufferer should exercise in order to stay fit and keep joints’ flexible. The exercise regimen does not have to be high impact to make a positive difference. Lower impact exercises can have beneficial effects on the body by increasing overall range of motion. A weekly exercise routine can aid in other areas of the body, including heart, lungs, and increased energy levels.

- Swimming and water exercises can be done by those who are suffering most forms of arthritis. The body responds well in the water with less strain on joints.

- Light impact aerobics can help a person maintain flexibility in stiff and painful joints. Increasing range of motion can help in easing pain while carrying out the simplest of daily routines.

- Yoga and stretching exercises are a perfect way to maintain a healthy exercise routine. If walking or standing is difficult, certain exercises can be done while sitting.

- Walking is a great way to exercise. The smallest amount of walking on a regular basis can assist in keeping range of motion as joints become inflamed with arthritis.

Before beginning a new physical regimen, consulting a doctor should be the first step. Dr. Howard Marans will be more than happy to go over recommended exercises with you.

Physical Therapy

When painful arthritis hampers daily activities, physical therapy may be recommended as part of the health care regimen. Physical therapy is one of the most utilized non-surgical arthritis treatments. Physical therapy can restore physical function and increase range of motion. The doctor or health care professional will base the exercises on areas which currently have limited mobility.

Healthy Weight Management

When an arthritis sufferer is overweight, the extra pounds can add pressure and strain to the inflamed joints. By following a weight management routine, a person can reduce the stress to the inflamed joints particularly in the knees and hip areas. Changing to healthy eating habits has contributed to a better mental outlook, which can promote higher energy levels.

Helpful Aids

When a person suffers from arthritis, walking can cause pain in joints. Purchasing helpful aids to reduce the stress on joints is a way to combat the pain.

- Canes can be utilized for walking. The extra support provided by using a cane can help a person feel confident in mobility.

- Proper foot wear or padded inserts can help cushion the pressure on joints.

- Knee, ankle, or wrist braces can assist in keeping the joints stable while in motion.

Top Doctor for Non-surgical Arthritis Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Howard Marans is well known in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas for giving optimal care for arthritis sufferers. Dr. Marans can explain the non-surgical arthritis treatments available for each new client. When the time arrives, he will go over the various surgical options for the patient’s particular condition. Howard Marans MD welcomes PPO and will work with other insurance companies to give the best treatment available. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.