Blanton's Science Seminars

Hear LOTS of lectures about the periodic table!

Hear Mr. Blanton discuss plate tectonics in detail!

Mr. Blanton has spent years learning about plate tectonics. Now, you can hear EVERYTHING he has learned in a series of 4-hour lectures! These lectures include short-answer essay question worksheets that can be filled out after each lecture. Each participant will receive a bound 35-page manual that contains 100's of definitions of plate tectonic terms (including graphs!)

Mr. Blanton tells you about earth science!

Ever wondered how much helium is in the mesoshpere? Well, wonder no more! Mr. Blanton will tell you that, as well as various other helpful bits of information regarding the planet earth and it's layers, above ground and below! Learn what is in our soil, from rocks to plant life. You will receive a book of science terminology like topography, heliocentric and Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram!

You will learn so much about science!

Q: Will I learn about science?

A: Yes.

Q: Will it be informative?

A: Yes

Q: Will ALL aspects of science be covered in each 4-hour seminar?

A: No. This is a 12-week series.

Q: Will there be restroom breaks?

A: No. Due to onlyhaving 4 hours each Saturday, we will not be stopping for restroom breaks. Please use the restroom before we begin, or bring a catheter or empty gatorade bottle.

We will teach you SCIENCE!

Sign up by faxing your registration form to 469-633-5110. No phone calls, e-mails or texts accepted.