The Scarlet Ibis

By: Grace, Brady, and Jensen


By: Brady

The tone throughout the story of "The Scarlet Ibis" is mostly sad, gloomy and talks a lot about death. The tone is happier towards the middle, because Brother tries to help Doodle be more normal. The tone at the end of the story was disappointment because Brother really wanted doodle to be normal, but he just couldn't.


By: Jensen

The author uses imagery to help us visualize the story. In the story, the author says "down into the green dimness where the palmetto fronds whispered by the stream" to help us see the setting in our minds.


By: Grace

The rain storm at the end of the story symbolizes how Brother is feeling the day Doodle died. Doodle died because, Brother pushed him to hard to be something that he couldn't be.