Women in the 1920's

By: Sierra Hanley

Women's Rights Movements

Women have been fighting for equal rights since the 1800's. It took to about the 1920's to revive the full amount of rights they really wanted. Women wanted to be as equal as men because they knew they could anything they could. They did not only fight for equality in general but the in politics, economically, and socially. Susan B. Anthony is credited for leading the women's rights movement towards voting and other rights for women. There have been other women in this fight but never got to see it through.

Status in Society

Before the women's rights women were looked at to stay home and take care of the home by cooking cleaning etc. and children by raising them. But during World War 1 the men had left to fight in the war while the women took over their jobs. When the men returned the women went back to their normal lives before the war, but still fought for equality.
Women's Rights in the 1920's