Dahlia's Class FS2B

Class Rules.

Class Rules!

Dear Parents,

Some important information to start off the year:

***Every day your child will take home his/her Important Folder. Please try to check this each day. It may contain important announcements, homework assignments, or completed work. It is very important that your child brings this back to school each day. This will help to create a routine and continue the communication between home and school. Also, use this as a way to communicate with me. For instance, if your child is doing something different from their normal schedule (going home with a friend, being picked up from by another family member, etc) please send me a note to let me know the change of plans. I will check this folder each morning.

***We love to celebrate birthdays. Please let me know in advance if you plan on bringing in a treat for your child to share with the class. The ideal time for the party would be at the end of the day (1:00-1:30 pm). However, in order to not hurt any child’s feelings in our classroom, please do not distribute party invitation in our classroom unless every child in our classroom is invited to the party. This ensures that children in our class will not be placed in an uncomfortable situation or get their feelings hurt.

***Toys and personal valuables should not be brought to school. If they are, they are at school at the child’s risk. All personal belongings should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

***Attendance is important in FS2. What we do in class involves active participation, it is very important that your child attends each day. However, I do realize that sickness, family emergencies, and doctor’s appointments do occur. Whenever possible, your child’s schoolwork will be saved for him/her to complete upon their return to school.

***Cafeteria Time: Students will have an opportunity for cafeteria two times per day. They will have lunch time at (8:45-9:20 am). Snack time at (1:25-1:55 pm)

***Students are required to bring a snack in each day. Please send in a healthy snack such as fruit, goldfish crackers, pretzels etc.( Sundays-Wednesdays).

On Thursdays you may send in chips, cookies or candy.

Your child must bring in a water bottle each day and will be allowed to keep it at their desk to drink throughout the day.

If the students come to school with an unhealthy snack from the days Sundays-Wednesday it will be confiscated and the student will take it with him at the end of the day right before he/she goes home.

That is it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as the school year gets started.

Best Regards,

Ms. Wegdan & Ms. Marian.

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