We Need You!

Help our fight

We need everyone to join to fight in defeating the nasty Nazis.

Hitler and his entourage are planning on taking over the world. We need everyone to join in to help stop his plans. We need to fight to the death of Hitler's horrid scheme. If you are a man, we need your help as a soldier. If you are not able to fight in the war, we need your help back home making supplies for our troops to fight with. In order to win this war, WE NEED EVERYONE!

How can YOU help?

Everyone can help

We need everyone in America to fight in this war. If you are a man who can fight, we need you as a soldier. If you are a woman, we need to you make supplies for the war. Also, we need everyone to conserve food and oil. The more supplies we do not use, the better our soldiers will do. Do not ignore our plead for help. Our country will be forever changed by the outcome of this war. We need to make sure it changes our country for the better. In order to do this, we need to achieve total war!