by Isaiah Litscher

3 Physical properties

- shiny gold color

- mined from the ground

- hard matieral

- can be melted in to a liquid

- can be molded to form jewlery

3 chemical properties

- corrosion-resistant element

3 uses

- jewelry

- exchange for money

- art


there once was a lonely gold bar. He never knew what he was going to be in life. when he was born his parents abandoned him never to return. he now searches far and wide for his meaning in life and for his parents.

one day he ran in to a tree while he was walking through the forest. when the lonely gold bar stood up he said "hey tree move out of the way!". the tree responded "i cant move i have a purpose in this ground.". the lonely gold bar responded again and said, "well what is your purpose?" , the tree then said "me and my family provide oxygen to all the living things around us.". He got even more depressed and ran further in the forest.

as he went deeper in to the forest he found a cave. the cave had shiny gold walls with some normal rock around it. the gold bar was scared and saw gold rectangular shapes in the distance, they were his parents. they hugged im with joy and then humans picked them up to use them as jewlery, currency, and exchange for currency.