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January 8, 2016

Newsletter Summary

  1. Member Rights/ Actions: Issues to be Aware of..., Classified Scholarship available
  2. Upcoming Events: Superintendent Search "Staff Input" sessions
  3. Items to Act On: Elementary Plan Time Survey, Donate Illness Leave Days, Danielson Training
  4. News to Know from LPS: Free Fingerprinting Services
  5. Did You Know: LEA School Wires webpage

Member Rights & Actions

Issues to be Aware of...

If at anytime you are asked to attend a meeting with an administrator, you have some basic rights...
  1. To know the subject of the meeting and who will be present so that you can arrive prepared.
  2. To bring representation. This can be your building rep, LEA president, or KNEA uniserv director. It is good to at the very least have your BR attend and take notes so an accurate accounting is taken in a potentially emotional situation.
  3. To be communicated with in a professional manner.
  4. To end the meeting and ask to continue at a later time if the meeting becomes unprofessional.
  5. If an LEA member you know has been put on a Plan of Improvement (POI) already this school year, please encourage them contact their building rep or Laurie Folsom ASAP. A POI should be considered a potential first step in termination. The earlier LEA is called in to assist the better off the member is.

$500 Classified Scholarship Available

Due: January 31, 2016
Each year LEA awards one classified employee a $500 scholarship. Applicants need NOT be a member of LEA. Please pass on this info to classified employees you work with.

Applicants qualify if they are working or planning to work on an undergraduate degree in education or in an education-related field. A check for $250 per semester will be paid directly to the recipient to assist him/her in meeting educational expenses. The scholarship will be awarded based on need, career goals, academic aptitude, service to the district and community involvement.

Submit your online application and send two letters of recommendation to Laurie L. Folsom at FSHS, lfolsom@usd497.org. Letters should be from recent employers or supervisors who are familiar with your commitment to the education profession.

Upcoming Events

Speak up for Sup Search

The district has 2 Staff Input Sessions scheduled to give employees opportunities to give feedback about what qualities the next superintendent should have...

These "Staff Input Sessions" are Wed, January 13 from 4:30-5:15pm & Thurs, January 14 from 5-5:45 p.m. in the USD 497 board room at ESDC. LEA encourages our members to Speak Up for the type of leadership you feel our students, teachers, and district need in the coming years.

Unable to attend an input session? Please complete an online survey between January 13-20, 2016, at www.usd497.org. The survey is not available until January 13.

Items to Act On

Complete the Elementary Plan Time Survey

Elementary teachers,

If you have not already, please fill out LEA's Elementary Plan Time Survey.

Please answer the survey by Friday, January 8 to help the Elementary Plan Time Committee as they meet to continue looking for ways to provide more plan time for elementary teachers. Note the "Other" options below are important to gather unique ideas that could guide the work of the committee. This survey is district-wide and does NOT ask for your building to ensure anonymity. http://goo.gl/forms/U2rwlU3RVq

Donate Illness Leave Days

Illness Leave Pool- We need 45 more days. A total of 180 have been donated so far this year.

Catastrophic Leave Pool- donations no longer needed for this pool

President's Leave Pool- donations no longer needed for this pool

Every LPS certified employee can request days from the Illness / Catastrophic Leave Pool for medical absences after their accumulated leave days have been used. Each year we need certified employees to replenish the Leave Pools. The Illness Leave Pool is typically the pool most in need. To donate days complete a Leave Pool Form and send to Laurie L. Folsom at FSHS.

NOTE: even non-LEA members can donate days to these pools. Please encourage your non-member peers to contribute to a benefit that is a resource for ALL LPS certified employees.

Sign up for Danielson training

If you are in the last cohort of certified employees to be evaluated with the Danielson Evaluation Tool for the first time NEXT school year should have received a notification recently. You are required to attend one day (7 hours) of training in the Danielson method before you are evaluated. However, employees cannot be required to attend a summer training, but must attend training before the year of their evaluation.

The available training days are as follows:

  • Feb 3
  • Apr 27 or 28
  • June 3- enrollment full, wait list only
  • Aug 1
  • 1 additional day in the fall, TBD

Make sure to schedule your training now in My Learning Plan while there are choices of dates.

News to Know from LPS

Free Fingerprinting at ESDC for relicensure applications

LPS Human Resources now offers FREE fingerprinting services to those renewing their Kansas Teaching Licenses. Call ahead to the ESDC Human Resources office and ask when staff are available to fingerprint you in time to submit your relicensure paperwork.

Did You Know? Tidbits of info to make life easier.

LEA Webpage only available when you sign in to SchoolWires

Have you ever noticed that the LEA SchoolWires webpage is only available when you are signed into SchoolWires? You aren't the only one.
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LEA Executive Board

Laurie L. Folsom, president (FSHS)

Mike Wormsley, vice president (LMCMS)

Terri Johnson, secretary (Prairie Park)

Lori Greenfield, treasurer (Prairie Park)