First Grade News

Here's what's happening in Room A-6!


We finished our study of opinion writing. The students wrote a letter to me stating their opinion on which class pet we should get with reasons to support. Although some of them were very convincing, we will not be getting a class pet :)

Our focus now is Non-fiction. They will be writing their own report on an animal they choose. I will be needing writing volunteers and will be sending home a sign up calendar for you to send back if you can help! It is quite a task to help 20 little ones read and write research, but so fun!


Facts! Facts! Facts! We have been learning so much information with our nonfiction unit !We have begun and intensive study of non-fiction. Nonfiction is very important as most of what we read in school is nonfiction. We learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction. In order to understand non-fiction, it is important to learn the different text features. We have started learning the text features of nonfiction text including things like maps, table of contents, headings, bold-faced words, diagrams, labels etc. We are recording our learning in our nonfiction conventions books after using lots of real nonfiction books as models The kids are having fun transferring their knowledge of what nonfiction looks like to their daily reading.

We did a class research project on Bears. We completed a RAN chart (Reading and Analyzing Non-fiction) where the kids brainstormed what they knew about what bears look like, eat, live and fun facts about bears. We then researched and decided if what we thought we knew was true or a misconception.

On Monday, we will choose animals we are interested in writing a research report on in class. I cleared out Novi Library of their books about these animals :), I may be asking for some help with additional resources, but I will let you know!

I love this unit and the kids do too! This is a great time to ask your child what they are curious about, head to the library and let them pick out non-fiction books about that topic. I hope they will be transferring the things they are learning in school to real life.


We finished our unit on non-standard measurement and comparing lengths.

We are working on Time. First graders should know how to tell time to the hour and half-hour, the difference between a digital and analog clock and the parts of a clock.

Please work with your child at home for reinforcement. First graders often get confused with the hour hand and minute hand.

Jedi Masters Subtraction continues! Keep practicing those facts at home. It makes their math life so much easier as they go through the grades.

After time, we will be exploring 3-D shapes and geometry.

Science/Social Studies

In Science we have been sorting things by their properties. (color, shape, feel, etc.)

and will move into properties of water, magnets etc., and will be learning about the properties of water.

In Social Studies we have been learning about maps.

Dates to remember:

March 26th- Readathon! Wear your pajamas, bring a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, favorite stuffed animal and a bag of 10 books!

Spring Break- April 3-12

Spring conferences- April 16th and 17th- half days!


Julie Willerer