By: Kiley Davis


1. Globalization influences where and why people live where they do. There are both positive and negative effects of globalization and those can affect where people live. People might live close to shipping ports because that's their job, to captain a cargo ship carrying products or different supplies like wool and cotton to factories in different countries. Globalization also can influence where people live because of the prices of products and how much they cost. In one state the price of a jacket could be lower than the same jacket in a different state.

2. Four categories of Globalization are: Environment, Culture, Economy, and Technology.

  • Environment- We get resources from the environment, such as cotton and wool, that help us make products like shirts and fleeces. Without the environment we wouldn't have all tables or chairs because we wouldn't have the wood.
  • Culture- In this world, many different cultures make up society. Culture lets us try new things and experience different ways of life. We are able to see how other people live and learn about their beliefs. This is a way to spread ideas through culture.
  • Economy- Economy is a big part of globalization because its based upon money. It influences where we live, how we live, and our job.
  • Technology- With technology we are able to make products and it is easier to communicate with other people. Technology lets us spread ideas with other people.


1 A problem between my country, Mexico where my fleece is made in, and the United States is that one of the machines in the factory breaks down and stops working. That would cause the manufacturing to slow down which would effect the store that sells it and would slow down their profit that month.

2. A solution for this problem would to have the factory have a back up machine so the production would not be effected if a machine would to break down. Instead of getting a back up machine for all the machines in the factory because that would cost a lot, find the machine that has broke the most and get a back up one for that machine. Also instead of wasting money on another machine that you already have, you could always have the machines inspected each month to make sure they don't have any problems and that they are working right.


1. The relationship that I have with globalization is that I have a chance to be part of society and the economy which could change the way we live and have an impact on our lives. I will be able to work to make a product that will be used around the world that will help people in one way or another. I could be making the next Iphone that would help communication grow, improve, and be faster.

2. The unit one claim has impacted our lives in the past because we with all the new technology it has let us discover things we wouldn't be able to discover years ago. Now with the technology we have today, we can do things much easier. We have phones that can give us information right out our finger tips without us having to go read through a book. And in the next few years we will have different and more efficient technology that will make life more simpler. We will have to opportunity to do things people would talk about and dream of. We will be able to get places faster and do things easier. Education will change dramatically in the next years. Kids won't be required to find books in the schools library for projects. They will just have to go on a phone or computer and research the topic from there. They wont be holding a book in their hands while reading or be flipping the page because all the books will be online. And by then every child will have a device in their pocket. The kids won't know what a text book is because it will be online. Globalization has, is and will change over the years.

3. Life will never be the same.

What is globalization