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April/May Edition

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So I have decided that I would send this flyer out, because there is so much great things going on in the Pink Papaya World. We have a one day Conference in July and 3 locations to chose from. We have a Spa Getaway that can be earned in September, wonderful trainings on Monday's with the Marvelous Monday calls and Mother's Day approaching which is one of our wonderful programs of Giving Back!! This is where Pink Papaya Directors identify special agencies in their own communities that advocate for the homeless or are committed to ending domestic violence. These Directors then actually go into these shelters with pampering products for the women, and arts and crafts for the children that Pink Papaya has provided them.
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Saturday, July 18th, 9am

Madison, WI, United States

Madison, WI

I am so excited to be attending conference this year and hopefully with YOU there too!

This is fairly inexpensive for a conference attendance this year and only ONE day! I would love if you all could make at least one date, whichever is closest. At the conference, typically we walk away with great knowledge and training as well as NEW CATALOGS, NEW PRODUCTS and NEW FRIENDS! Sounds Great, right!?!

With that being said, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you all.....did you know we are 2 qualified consultants away from being a team of our own????? I have so much faith in our team that we will grow and be qualified, that I have already started working on team gifts!

There will be gifts for TOP PV, TOP Recruiting and TEAM gifts just for attending and as a thank you for helping us be the TEAM we are! Plus, once we become a "team" I will need help coming up with a name and places to donate pinktinis, so there will be fun in that too!

FOR MAY, I am personally looking forward to (and with Kim's support) treating anyone who adds a qualified member to our team. Both the consultant who joins and becomes qualified and their sponsor will get a $20 CASH CARD! This card would be great to use towards display pieces, gifts for hostesses or family care. However, YOU want to use it!


We are excited to roll out the enVIsion "Beautiful You" National Conference Tour - a new kind of Conference! It promises to be jam packed with inspiration, experiences, connecting and training.

This summer we will be coming to you in three locations across the US - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Colorado.


To register, go to your virtual office and select "registration" order type and enter one of the following numbers.

NC2015-WI to attend Madison, WI
NC2015-PA to attend Williamsport, PA

NC2015-CO to attend Colorado (city TBD)

Looking forward to coming to "Beautiful You" this summer! Believing and cheering for you!

MADISON LOCATION INFO: The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites 1109 Fourier Drive ~ Madison, Wisconsin 53717 1.608.826.0500



  • (Monday) Marvelous Monday Call Call in at noon (pst) 213-342-3000 access code 00063 (3 winners)

  • (WEDNESDAY) Win It Wednesday - posted on the Pink Papaya Corporate page, CONSULTANTS can enter too! Share with your friends, family and fans! (3 winners)

  • (THURSDAY) POWER Hour - post on Pink Life on the pinned post anything you are doing to power the Pink Papaya Business (3 winners are chosen). Every Thursday at 9am-10am (pst) and 5:30pm-6:30pm (pst)


  • POWER START - Achieve $500 in Personal Volume (PV) by the 15th and get the Guest Special for 2 months advance FREE! Achieve $1500 by the end of the month and you will also get the Customer Special FREE!

  • Every second Monday of the month, Pink Papaya hosts a one-day “booking blitz” incentive. During this day Pink Papaya Consultants across the US support each other as they make calls to fill their calendars with Pink Papaya Spa Parties. As a Consultant books a party they post on Pink Life. Each hour a random drawing is held and one of the posters receive a FREE gift. Additionally the top two Team Leaders with the most parties booked are able to pick a charitable organization to receive Pinktinis (Pinktinis are a collection of body and bath products). Additionally the chosen organization will be highlighted on one of our Philanthropy Fridays.

  • HELLO SUCCESS - Pink Papaya's Hello Success Program is for new Consultants. The program is sure to get any new Consultant's business off to a successful start and is a SIX month program. With over $3,750 in rewards (YES REALLY!), the program is undoubtedly the most rewarding quick start program in the industry. Begin with $400 in Personal Volume (PV) within the month you join and the month following to become qualified and start the journey for more Pink Papaya Bucks!


GIRLS GETAWAY - Pink Papaya created the Energizing Campaign to help you achieve all that you want from your Pink Papaya business! The Energize Campaign is a multifaceted program with all the bells and whistles you would expect from Pink Papaya — FREE travel, specially bundled products, training by industry experts, give backs, FREE gifts… One of the many programs is our Girls Getaway Weekend this September.

Can you think of a better way to get energized than to earn a FREE all expense paid trip? We put together a trip just for you, the Pink Papaya Consultant! During March, April, May and June you can earn a Fall Girl Weekend Trip.

Executive Consultant

Local Consultant who provides the opportunity to try natural and botanical skincare products and professional quality cosmetics in the comfort of your home.