Week of September 19-24

Pep Rally Week and Jr. Jacket Clinic

Monday - September 19th

Working Lunch - We will be making glitter signs for the Varsity Football team for their first district game. Everyone needs to bring 1 piece of poster board (any color....bright is always fun). Here is an example of what one looks like. I will bring lots of glitter and I have glue, but you may want to bring other supplies for your player. We will also cut out some footballs. If you have stencils or any other supplies you would like to share, please bring them.

Full Program Practice 5-6:30

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Tuesday - September 20th

Working Lunch to make Glitter Signs

Wednesday - September 21st

EVERYONE.....will wear their SPIRIT DAY TOMORROW SHIRT with bottoms of their choosing.

Working Lunch to make Glitter Signs

After school we will hang the signs for the football players.

This will be done BEFORE practice.

Your sign should be hanging in the designated area BEFORE we start practice at 5.

Full Program Practice 5-6:30

Thursday - September 22nd

Lauren Akard's Birthday!!!

It's Pep Rally Day and Spirit Day (Olympics Attire)!!!!

All parents can come to the pep rally.

It will start promptly at 3:05. I suggest getting there by 2:50 to get a seat! :)

Varsity will wear their uniform (A-Heights) to school with their Olympic accessories.

Meet in my room by 7:55 AM to head down to the mini rally on the patio!

JV and Freshmen will fully dress up for the Spirit Day. You will need to bring your Jackets uniform with you for the Pep Rally.

All Cheerleaders need to report to the gym at the beginning of 6th Period. MAKE SURE you tell your teachers you will be missing 6th and 7th period so that they do not mark you absent. I will send out an email as well.

Varsity report to the game at 6:00 pm wearing your A-Heights uniform. We are playing at Clark Stadium. Don't be late!

**Also today is School Picture Day.

You will take your pictures through your English classes.

You may change for your pictures, but make sure you change back afterwards.**

Friday - September 23rd

Varsity VB - Group B report at 5:45 wearing your Jackets Uniform, to the outside gym.

JV VB - Group A report at 6:30 wearing your AHHS Uniform, to the outside gym.

FR VB - Group A report at 6:30 wearing your AHHS Uniform, to the inside gym.

Saturday - September 24th

Jr. Jacket Clinic Today - Report at 8:30 AM to the outside gym.

Wear your AHHS Uniform with cheer hair!

We will be done at 4:30.