Roy Raymond

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the fonder of victoria secret

Roy started his company in 1977. He started his company because he was buying lingerie for his wife and became very embracesed ,so he disided to make a store that didn't make men feel wierd. The first store was opened in Stanford shopping center in California. In the fist year he made 500,000. In the 5th year the gross income was 6,000,000 per year.

Raymonds home life

Raymond was born on April 15 1947, and died on August 26 1993. He lived in Connecticut growing up. His wife was Gaye Raymond. He graduated from Tufts and Stanford graduate school of business. His first job was a sales representative at a ford dealership.

whats going on

New Luxury lingerie made by

  • Ell & Cee
  • Lola Haze
  • Mimi Holliday
  • Lascivious
  • Bordell
  • Yes Master.

The tragic story

  • sold his company to Leslie Wexner
  • after this the company was worth 500 million
  • he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge at 46