In the Ice Age,Vermont was covered in glaciers.Vermont is divided into five regions.Lake Champlain is the lowest point Vermont.The largest region is The Green Mountains.The highest point in Vermont is Mount Mansfield.


Some people in Vermont own farms.Also,they can work with visitors to the state.Vermont is a popular place for skiers.They also work in manufacturing.

Fast Facts

Samuel de Champlain a french explorer named evergreen mountains Verd Mont. Verd Mont means green mountains. Thats how Vermont got its name. Did you know Montpelier has been Vermont's capital since 1805? The states longest length to North to South is 159 miles (256 km.).Vermont's land size is not big. Vermonts area is 9,273 square miles (24,017 sq. km.).

Famous people From Vermont

In 1881 Chester Arthur becomes 21st president.In 1923 Calvin Coolidge becomes 30th president.In 1834 Thomas Davenport invents the first electric motor.In 1609 Samuel de Champlain enters Vermont.