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Volume 1, Issue 6: December 4, 2014

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KCC Celebrates Movember in Style

By Amy Carr

Proud sponsor of Katamatite Cricket Club, The Katamatite Homestead Hotel, played host to the club's inaugural Movember Party on Saturday night.

'Mos' abounded the bar and dining areas as players celebrated the month long campaign to raise awareness about men's cancers and men's health. Vice President Steve Carr, who appeared dressed as cult film identity Ron Burgundy, was wrapped with the fund raising efforts stating 'by everyone pitching in and even contributing loose change we were able to raise some impressive money'.

In past seasons individual cricketers had embraced the Movember campaign, but considering that everyone has a father, brother, son or friend that could be impacted by any number of the highlighted men's health issues, this year it was decided to formalise the club's commitment to the event and really get behind the initiative, combining a number of fundraising avenues into one celebratory party.

Individual cricketers raised money by growing mos and gaining sponsorship, a Facebook campaign and web page also utilised the power of social media to promote the club's efforts, and a meat raffle was held at the Pub at the Post Growth Party. The total raised was an impressive $780.

Club captain Daniel Gattuso was pleased by the turn out for the event and enthusiasm of the playing group in getting behind the campaign 'it was a fantastic club night for all and really demonstrated the club's commitment to the community'.

After group photos and a 'Mo Parade', Publican, Col, chose the best mos on the night and two $50 donated vouchers for the Katamatite Homestead Hotel were awarded to Steve Carr and Ollie Ross.

'As a club, we felt really strongly about promoting the men's health message and are pleased that the broader Katamatite community were able to embrace the fundraiser, next year we hope to raise even more funds and see more mos around town' concluded Steve.

Person of Mystery Sponsors Katamatite Community Print Version of The Gazette

In very poor form, I neglected to mention the sponsorship The Gazette has received in the last issue. A person of mystery (a community local who wishes to remain anonymous) has put forward the funds to continue the Katty community print version of our Club's newsletter. We sincerely appreciate the support from this person/family and also the support of the wider community in getting behind the club and voicing your interest and appreciation for The Gazette, and the boys and girls who represent our town on the field.

Vale Phillip Hughes. 63 Not Out.

We have all been shocked and saddened by the death of Phil Hughes. All sides observed a minute's silence before games on 29th November.
A number of KCC players and families also payed personal tribute as part of the #PutOutYourBats gesture.

Game Reports

Premier Division

The boys played away, at Strathmerton, for their round 6 two-day match this fortnight. Batting first, Katty made a respectable total of 180 odd; Steve Carr top scoring with 78 and Tom Pendlebury making 37 in his return match. Strathmerton made the required total for the loss of just one wicket, but Katamatite did manage to bowl out this quality opposition after they batted on, the first time the boys have bowled out an opposition this season. Daniel Parnell took four of those wickets, Al Ross two, Connor Lawless was quite economical of the remaining bowlers, and keeper Shannon Pool had a solid day behind the stumps with four catches and a stumping.

B Grade

The boys were given a week off with the opposition forfeiting in Round 6. Round 7 saw them take on Finley, at home. In an impressive, whole-team performance, the boys won convincingly. Veteran, Stephen Morgan, making another half century, Vince Iannucci chipping in with 42, and Jack Pendlebury hanging around for 12 not out to support in partnership, as did Daniel Palmer (backing up after his juniors game). But the bowling is where the figures get really impressive - Josh MacFadyen taking a hat-trick and 4/16, Jimmy McCallum 3/7, Gian Luca "G Train" Iannucci 2/12 and other bowlers (Kaleb Clarke, Lachlan Alwer) keeping it tight in their overs bowled.

Under 12s

With a couple of new recruits ready and raring to go, the news of the oppositions forfeit was devastating for the kiddes in Round 5. Round 6, a beautiful sunny day, saw them take the field against what looked to be a much bigger and experienced Finley side. The Katty kids had a good crack at the run chase, but I can't tell you who won - there's way too much interesting action on-field for me to check the scorecard! Here's the video:
KCC Under 12s Round 6 2014/15

Stories From The Vault - Life Members Reminisce

By Chris Russell

Righto, here we go! It was back around the turn of the century, and Katty was struggling to stay off the bottom of the ladder. This one cracking day in the middle of November, we were playing at home against Jerilderee, who were also struggling to avoid being spanked by the wooden spoon. I was captain, and as always we had 6 blokes at the ground 10 mins before start time.

One of the usual suspects missing was Chris Collins. Luckily we won the toss and batted, so when Chris rocked up he had time to collect himself before needing to pad up. We did loose a couple quick wickets early, so it wasn't long before Chris had to get his kit on - Chris was batting at no 7. It was at this time that he realised that he had boxer shorts on, and had forgotten his jocks. 'Well boys I've forgotten my jocks - looks like I'm gunna have to run the gauntlet and not wear a box'. We were horrified. Rule number one in cricket: you never go out to bat without your box. You just don't!

Anyhow we racked our brains about how Chris was going to be able to bat, while still protecting the Crown Jewels. I'm pretty sure it was Tiger Mynard who said 'Let's tape it on! You know, with the tape that Coatsy straps our ankles with'. For the next 10 minutes we were strapping layer upon layer of tape around Chris' arse, groin and arse crack. When the time came for Chris to bat, he strolled out to the middle as if there had been no fuss. Although, from the boundary, we could see he was a little more bow-legged than usual.

Chris' first shot was a stylish forward defensive prod. Now, the noise (or should I say shriek) that Chris made while playing this shot scattered the flock of cockies sitting in the gums, lining the Boosey. The tape had ripped most of the hair fom Chris' groin. As Chris proceeded to bat, every shot removed a little more hair, until eventually Chris had given himself a Brazilian!

I have no idea whether we won the game or not, but Chris Collins' antics did not stop there. He got confused between fielding a ball off his own bowling and WWF wrestling. I'll tell you about it another time though. Go Tiges!!

Player Profiles

Senior Player, Lachlan Alwer

The Bloke

Nickname: Bower

Age: 25

Where are you from? Yarroweyah.

Occupation: Dairy farmer.


  • Sport (other than cricket): Footy
  • Sporting team: Essendon
  • Food: Mixed grill
  • Movie/TV show: Underbelly
  • Music/Band: Linkin Park.

What earns your respect in a person? Honesty.

Three words to describe you: Hardworking, funny, honest.

The Cricketer:

When did you start playing cricket? 12 years old.

How long have you played for KCC? 2 years.

What's your forte on field? Batsman

Who was your favourite cricketer to watch, growing up and why? Shane Warne, because he was the spin king.

Who's your current favourite to watch and why? Mitchell Johnson because he bowls heat.

What's your best memory or proudest achievement in cricket? When I took my first wicket.

One word to describe you as a cricketer: Team player.

Ambitions/hopes for this season: To play in the finals.

Give us something on your team mates:

Who's the funniest? D9

Who's the angriest or scariest? Angus

Who's the most stylish? Josh

If the KCC premier team were on Big Brother, who would be voted off first, and who would win (and why)? First to be voted off would be Harry [Adam Harwood] and Carr-ie [Steve Carr] would win because he gets along with everyone.

Just for fun:

If they made a movie of your life, which actor would play you? Adam Sandler

What was your favourite cartoon/TV show as a kid? Simpsons

What would you buy with your last $50? Jack Daniels.

I nominate Josh MacFadyen for the next senior player profile.

Junior Player, Alistair Bear

About Alistair

Nickname: Rabbit.

Year level: 6.


  • Food: Chicken Carbonara
  • Movie/TV show: Real Steal
  • Subject at school: Maths.

What job do you think you might like to do when you're an adult? Police Officer or a Marine Biologist.

If you could grow up to be famous, what do you want to be famous for? Inventing something to save lives.

Alistair the Cricketer

When did you start playing cricket? Played at home when I was 3 but played at Katty when I was 7.

Why do you like playing cricket? Because it's a fun game.

What do you like best - batting or bowling? Batting.

Who's your favourite cricketer to watch and why? Mitchell Johnson because of his death stare.

Share a cricket story with us. When Brock [Alistair's brother] played his first game with me, he was so busy playing with Keppla [Lukies] that he missed the ball that was right in front of him and we all had to yell out at him to get it!

Just for fun

Do you have a joke to share? A riddle: what word starts with "e" and ends with "e" and has one letter in it?


I nominate Hussey (Aaron MacFadyen) to do the next junior player profile.

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