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News for Miss Castro's Classroom

Dear Parents,

I can't believe the holidays are already here! Time is flying by so incredibly quickly! In this newsletter you will find updates about what is going on in the different subject areas, pictures of the us learning in the classroom, and upcoming dates and events. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Miss Castro

Reading and Writing

After Thanksgiving break we will begin studying Traditional Literature (fables, myths, and legends). During this time we will begin crafting our own literature pieces. After the break we will also have a quiz on verbs and adverbs, and then move on to conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections.


Next week we will have a test on measurement, conversions, perimeter, area, and parts of circle (WHEW!). After that we have a very short unit on multiplication shortcuts with some double digit multiplication enrichment. The students have done FABULOUS at their multiplication quizzes. We will quiz 7's next week!

Animals and Habitats Presentations

Science and Social Studies

Science: We have finished our animals and adaptations unit and we are now moving on to sound. Sound is FULL of hands-on activities and self-learning and, I believe, will be one of the students favorite units this year.

Social Studies: We started learning about slavery in South Carolina today and will continue with this topic for about another week and half before we have a short quiz. Then, the American Revolution!

Veteran's Day Ceremony

Upcoming Events

November 26: deadline for Cup Stacking Club sign-ups

December 4-12: Operation Angel