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Discovery Bay Elementary Newsletter August 9, 2021

Principal's Message

Hello Dolphin Families!

It is so amazing having our students back on campus! There are so many great things happening all day long - both inside and outside the classrooms. I have seen so much growth in so many students already. I know students and staff are tired - but it is the best learning-and-busy-all-day kind of tired!

Morning Drop-Off - Please know we are SO happy to see our families on campus in the morning bringing our students to school. We have many new families, and some who have been here but haven't been on campus, and I feel strongly that morning time is essential for community building. That said, in order to continue we do need to ask a few things:

  • Please plan to exit the campus at or before the first bell ringing at 8:32. It is critical for the safety of our students that we lock our gates promptly at 8:35am. Our teachers are incredibly conscientious about making every instructional minute count, and even a minute or two delay each morning adds up fast!

  • Please be sure to have a mask with you if you are coming on campus. We have many families who find themselves inside for one reason or another, and then do not have a mask. If you are coming on campus, please have a mask with you just in case. Currently we are working through adult masks faster than student masks.

  • Please be sure to avoid "STAFF" parking spaces at both drop off and pick up. The majority of them are placed strategically - where it is very difficult to get in and out during high-traffic times.

COVID Questions - There have been a lot of "what to do when" questions, as it pertains to concerns with student health and COVID. Please see the documents below (both English and Spanish) that should help answer some questions you may have. Our families have been AMAZING at self disclosing any possible exposure or concerns. If we continue to be proactive and work together, we will continue to keep everyone healthy and learning in school!

MAP Assessments - All grade levels K-5 have been working on completing their beginning of the year MAP assessments. This will provide us baseline data for both math and language arts. We use these assessments to map (see what I did there?) where students need extra support, and where they are ready for extension. We will have an all school staff data dive this coming Monday, where teachers and staff will plan each student's learning path. That is the reason for this Monday, August 16th's minimum day, where all students are released at 11:40am.

WIN Time - WIN Time stands for "What I Need" time. We will be forming groups and providing support and extension depending on what students need. WIN Time will take place as a grade level, so everybody participates. WIN Time will take place every day except for Wednesdays, due to the shortened days. This is just one of the many ways we are addressing what students need to learn, based upon their specific needs.

Coffee With the Principal - If you would like any more information about anything discussed in this newsletter, or something not listed here, please plan to join me this Wednesday, at 8:45am (right after drop off) for coffee and discussion. We will meet at the tables outside the back of the gym, so you can enter and walk through the gym straight to the back. PTA will graciously be providing coffee.

Please note: all students and parents will need to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, when entering a classroom or other school indoor space. Thank you for your cooperation!

The following dates coming up:

  • August 11 - Coffee With the Principal/ Familias/ Title 1 Meeting, 8:45am
  • August 17 - PTA Meeting
  • August 25 - Make-Up Picture Day
  • August 27 - Spirit Day - Neon vs Camo
  • September 6 - Labor Day, No School


Mrs. Parlog

School Lunch Menu Link

School Lunches are free for all students this year! See the lunch menu by clicking here, and then look for the "Elementary School Menu" button in the middle of the page.

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Support our students by joining and/or donating to our school PTA!

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PTA Updates

  • PTA is sponsoring Coffee with the Principal this Wednesday, 8:45am at the tables outside the gym. Please plan to join us!

  • Our FIRST association meeting will take place next Tuesday, August 17th via zoom. We will send out the link next Monday. Please plan to join us to hear all of the amazing things we have planned for the year!

  • We have many fun events planned for next year, that can only happen with YOU! The phrase "Many hands makes light work" is the best way to describe a thriving campus, and a thriving PTA. Our PTA is a wonderful, committed group of parents, who need help big and small. Please plan to use your unique skills to join the fun!

  • Have you joined our PTA yet? If not, please click HERE.

  • Joining our PTA helps support so many programs here on campus, and our PTA puts together so many great opportunities for our students. Your participation and support helps us be able to do more.
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