Cows of Helios

The tasty tasty beef...

Kobe Beef, Medium Rare

Upon escaping the six jaws of Scylla and the giant whirlpool of Churybdis, Ulysses and his men arrive at an island. This island belongs to the sun god Helios, and grazing on this island were his cattle. Ulysses was like, "Yo. Circe and Teiresias both warned me about this. If we kill those cows, cut em up and eat em, we'll get messed up real bad."

Can I have a Sprite with that?

Ulysses's men promised to not kill that cows, as that would anger the sun god Helios. However, lucks has it so that bad weather caused the crew to stay in the island for a whole month. By then, the men were starving. Eurylochus, getting frustrated (and hungry), talked to the men when Ulysses went to pray to the gods. He said, "Screw this. We can make a shrine at home dedicated to Helios when we get back. I'm sure he won't mind if we kill a couple of his cows." And so, against Ulysses's will, they did. Then they all died, except for Ulysses.

You will always be remembered...