The Wampanoag Gazette

Nicole Rosas February 20th 1691

The Hawks Catch

When Little Hawk comes back from his three month test of solitude, he finds that no one is left in his village. Ghost Hawk written by Susan Cooper takes place near Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1620’s. The key characters are Little Hawk and John Wakely.

Little Hawk, a Native American, and John Wakely, a colonist are friends even though the colonists think that Native Americans are savages. Little Hawk is 11 years old and is a member of the Wampanoag tribe. In the winter, he has to take a three month test in the wilderness alone with only a few things such as a tomahawk and a bow and arrow. After the time is up he will come back a man and will be greeted by his family.John Wakely sees that Little Hawk tried to help his father and grows up to be a person who respects Natives Americans and wants to stop the colonists thinking that they are dangerous. The conflict in Ghost Hawk is Character VS. Self. After Ghost Hawk is shot he is then turned into a spirit and he always watches over John. Little Hawk’s spirit is only seen in Plymouth near a swamp with a bitternut hickory tree. He does not know why he is still here with living people and not with the other spirits that have left.

Many years later, Little Hawk is still a spirit. He has seen everything that has happened near the bitternut hickory. A lady named Rachel now lives near the swamp with her dog. She finds a tomahawk on the ground, the one that John had picked up from Little Hawk.One night outside Rachel looks up at the meteors when she looks at the swamp she sees Little Hawk and he tells her his story. When she asks him if this is his tomahawk, he replies yes. She decides to bury his tomahawk under a bitternut hickory sapling, Little Hawk is now free and goes “high, high, into mystery”.

John, the Peacemaker

John Wakely is an important character in Ghost Hawk. He is first introduced in the book when he and his father go with Squanto to visit the Wampanoag Village to learn how to catch fish, and many ways to use it. One day while chopping trees, he yells out for help, Little Hawk tries to help but he gets shot. When John’s stepfather sent him to Boston as an apprentice for a cooper, he finds out that Little Hawk is now a spirit but can only be seen at a certain time near a bitternut hickory. Little Hawk tells John many things about the way of the Native Americans including the Pokanoket language. I think John’s trait is being helpful. When he was working in the cooper at Boston he overheard a Native American asking to trade for a bucket in Pokanoket, and the other workers at the cooper said no. John then came after they all left and gave the bucket that he made to the young Native American. When he came back Ezra, the main person in charge was mad at him for giving the bucket to the Native American boy for just a necklace. When John was talking to Ezra about the trade he said “He wasn't begging, he trying to trade. You were too hard on him. He needed a bucket, and the necklace just happened to be all he had to offer you.” This shows that he was very helpful to the Native Americans even though many of the colonists did not like Native Americans. This happened between pages #205 to #211.

The dangerous trail

This is a painting of the Wampanoag village. This is what Little Hawk would return to when he finishes his three month test in the winter. When he finishes the test of solitude he returns to his village, finding that there is no one there. When he goes into his family's house he only sees his grandmother, Suncatcher. She tells him that everybody has died because of them trading with the Englishmen and that the Englishmen have spread a disease that does not hurt themselves but Native Americans.

In the middle of the book, Little Hawk and Leaping Turtle have to send a message to Yellow Feather. When they are almost to Yellow Feather, Little Hawk hears someone screaming. He runs to the voice and he sees John Wakely with a person on the ground beneath a tree. Little Hawk takes out his tomahawk and tries to cut the tree to help the person. As soon as he got it out two soldiers shot Little HAwk and he dies. This is what Little Hawk’s tomahawk would look like.

John leaves his mother and his family to be an apprentice of a cooper in Marshfield, Massachusetts. One afternoon, John finished his errands and behind the marsh he sees Little Hawk’s ghost near a bitternut hickory. This bitternut hickory is where Flying Hawk, Little Hawk’s father created Little Hawk’s tomahawk.

The Ways of the Olden Times

  1. Squanto helped the Pilgrims for the winter. One way he helped them was by teaching them that utilized local fish can be used as fertilizer for plants. Page #108

  2. On Sunday also known as Sabbath Day, colonists can not trade or do anything that has to do with working. Instead they go stay in church for the whole entire day. Page #180 & #181.

  3. Colonists hated Native Americans and called them savages because they were not Christian and thought they were dangerous. In that time they wanted everybody to be Christian and those who were not were considered children of the devil. Page #154


1620 - Mayflower - In September 1620 the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England to the New World, America. The ship carried 102 passengers who wanted to leave england so they could have freedom of religion and start a new life.

1770 - Boston Massacre - On March 5th a mob of colonists threw snowballs, sticks, and stones at a squad of British soldiers. This led the soldiers killing 5 colonists.

1839 - Trails of tears - Cherokee Indians were forced out by 7,000 US troops to leave their homes and walk to Northeast county, Oklahoma. 4,000 out of 15,000 died of famine on the march.

1912 - Titanic - On April 14th, the titanic, a massive ship at its time carried 914 passengers, struck a big iceberg at 11:40 p.m in the North Atlantic Ocean. The next day, the Titanic sank killing 1,500 passengers on the ship.

1997 - Princess Diana Killed - On the 30th of August, Princess Diana of Wales and Dodi Fayed, son of egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al - Fayed was going to his apartment after dining at the Ritz Hotel. In a tunnel under the Place de L’alma the car they were in, collided with the wall of the tunnel. When the police rushed to the scene Dodi was presumed already dead. Diana had severe injuries, but when she was taken to the hospital she died.

2008 - Obama Elected President - On November 4th, Barack Obama, a U.S senator of Illinois was up against John McCain, a U.S senator of Arizona to become the 44th president of the United States. Barack Obama won by 192 electoral votes, becoming the first African-American president.

2014 - Sochi Winter Olympics - On February 7th in Sochi, Russia the winter olympics started. It is the 22th winter games. It is a major international multi-sport event that included sports like figure skating and ski jumping.