L.A Candy

By Lauren Conrad

Book review By Odalys Trejo

Hollywood is where all you dreams come true and life is great . Hollywood is all about fashion, hot night clubs , cute guys etc. Two best friends living in Hollywood could only mean partying and having fun. It even gets better when both of them are asked to be on a reality tv show. Not only are they getting money for just letting people record them , there also getting fame.

Soon Jane turns into the tv's hottest star and starts getting VIP treatment. Not only does she gain fame but she also gains "friends' . But are those "friends" really friends or are they just with you for some spotlight as well ? Does Scarlett think that Jane has gone over her head with the fame.

Does Jane realizes when she notices she has no one left? Does the realize the boy she liked , she pushed away. Who leaves San Diego because they cant take it anymore. This book is really good if you love drama. With living in Hollywood everyones looking for fame and dreams but its not long after Jane realizes everyone using her and wants something from her and realizes she can't do anything about it .