LZHS Principal's Newsletter

July 20, 2023

Principal's Message

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! I'm so excited for this upcoming school year. We have lots planned and are going to have a wonderful year! Please remember that if you need anything, please reach out. It is so important to have open communication between school and home. Please follow my SMORE; you will receive notifications when it is sent out.

My newsletters will include all information that is pertinent to families and students. They are a one-stop shop. At the top of each newsletter, you will find a message from me and a list of topics addressed in the newsletter. You can also find each specific topic in the newsletter under the "Recent LZHS Communications" section within the "Recent LZHS Communications Tab."

-Principal Welcome Letter

-SAT Suite of Assessment Plan

-Finals Information

-Material Distribution

-Freshman Orientation

-College and Career Readiness: SchooLinks

-Communication From Athletic Department

-LZHS Athletic Bear Booster Club Announcement

Principal Welcome Letter

Earlier this week, I sent a welcome letter to families and students. Please click here to access that letter.

SAT Suite of Assessment Plan

For the 2023-2024 school year, we are moving towards a new assessment plan concerning the SAT Suite of Assessments. Please click here for information about the new assessment plan and the assessments' specific dates.

Finals Information

Finals are a significant part of the educational journey, allowing students to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the subjects they have studied throughout the year. We will implement a finals schedule and cumulative experiences for our students this school year. Please click here for more information concerning finals during the 2023-2024 school year.

Material Distribution

Material distribution for the Lake Zurich High School students will take place on August 7th, 8th, and 9th. On these days, you will receive your textbooks, yearbooks, spring yearbook insert, take pictures, and receive your parking permit. Please click here for more details concerning material distribution.

Freshman Orientation

Freshman orientation is going to be on August 14th. There will also be a Freshman parent night the same evening. We have lots of information to share with students and parents and are excited to welcome you to the Lake Zurich High School community. Please click here for more details about Freshman orientation.

College and Career Readiness: SchooLinks

Schoolinks will provide invaluable resources, personalized academic planning tools, scholarship and financial aid guidance, work-based learning opportunities, and much more to support our students in their journey toward higher education and successful careers. This platform will serve as your central hub for requesting transcripts, teacher recommendations, and counselor forms as part of your application process. This powerful platform will also be linked to the Common App, streamlining the college application process. Please click here to learn more about Schoolinks and how it will benefit your student’s academic and career aspirations. Please note that the Common App does not update until August 1st. Additional information about using Common App through Schoolinks will be forthcoming.

Communication From the Lake Zurich High School Athletic Department

Welcome back, Bears! We are excited for the 2023-24 school year. We have many new exciting projects happening this year. Over the summer, we have been working on a new weight room, lighting in our gyms, and our outdoor track was refinished along with our tennis courts. Fall sports tryout information will be on our LZHS website on July 27th. To be ready for tryouts, you must be registered on Synergy and have a valid physical uploaded to Synergy. If you have any questions about athletics, don't hesitate to contact the athletic office.

LZHS Athletic Bear Booster Club Announcement

Over the last 16 months, there have been ongoing discussions by a dedicated team of parents, the athletic director, coaches, and district administration on restructuring individual booster clubs at Lake Zurich High School into one Athletic Booster Club. After many hours of hard work, we have a structure supporting all athletics at Lake Zurich High School. Please see the LZHS Athletic Bear Booster Club mission statement below.

LZHS Bears Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of an action-oriented group of parents, volunteers, and administrators who have an interest in supporting the Lake Zurich High School athletic program. Through dedication and teamwork we support the enhancement of the athletic experience of Lake Zurich High athletes, their teams, and their fans through the promotion of athletics, school spirit, successful student-athletes, and community awareness of their athletic & academic achievements. We support through fundraising, stand behind strong moral character and good sportsmanship, and promote a winning school spirit through athletics. The role of fundraising shall be to financially support facility upgrades, equipment, capital improvements, and other items that are not covered by the school budget.