Monday Talk

September 7, 2015


**Please continue to lift up Dawn Priest’s mother and Kim Williams Family

(Please email me if there is any celebrations or sharing that needs to be added to our Monday Talks…..if I miss anything please let me know……thanks)

This Week at HIGHFALLS

September 8th, 2015

PLCs: Notes from PLCs need to be developed in Google and Shared with D. Pope and C. Laurita. Include your PLC norms, Agenda for the week, and where each member is with the Pacing Guide and Assessments of Students. Data preparation of standards taught and present mastery levels of students with those levels need to be gathered for Data Discussions on PLC Wednesday, September 23rd.

September 9th, 2015

Per Dr. Lisa Martin.....(not the 10th – that was a mis-date ) we will be hosting our kick off meeting for our BT2s. The meeting specifics will be:

Who: BT2s

Where: Crain’s Creek Middle School. (thank you CCMS)!!!!!

Time: 12:30- to 3:30pm

Topic: Universal Design for Learning

Please make sure you sign up in Homebase – Course Number 1751, (I know it says the 10th but really truly we are meeting on the 9th). Homebase guidelines should specify if you need to bring anything other than your fabulous energy! Please make sure that you secure your substitute for that afternoon.

September 9

SIT Meeting 2:45 Media Center

Up Coming Events at HIGHFALLS

September 14

Literacy Curriculum Cookie Night 6:00 with "Book Fair Opening"

September 16

Football Jamboree Union Pines High School 4:30

***Gate Volunteers Needed

September 17

Flu Shots for Staff

BT 3 Cohort 1: 8:00-11:00

September 22

PTA Meeting 6:00

Teachers Please Mark On Your Calendars!!!

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The Book Fair will be here September 11th (set-up) through September 17th. Please include this info in any newsletters. Family night will be September 14th (in conjunction with Literacy Night).

Literacy Curriculum Cookie Night

September 14th 6:00pm (same format at last year!)

*Student led conferences- parents will float in and out so we can have all grades at one Parent Night.

*Student Led Conferences:

Teachers design 3-4 questions about work in students literacy folders

Parents and students arrive in class, sign in, student gets folder, parent asked students questions and writes down the answers with any concerns.

Parents fill out bottom of sheet with questions requesting a conference, etc. Sheet is put into student’s folder. Student puts folder back.

Parents can then go to another classroom for siblings if need be.

Teachers Facilitate Only and then schedule conferences for the following week if requested

***Elective Teachers and EC Teachers cover Cookies in Auditorium

Please check with Ms. Paschal and some of you can divide up…some in Auditorium and others in Library Helping !!!

September 22, 2015

Join Us! PTA Night; Sept 22@6:00! President M Clendenin & PAC Rep. C. Morgan will be Providing Parent Information!!
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On-Site Professional Development

Book Study (Media Center 2:45pm)

September 21st Chapters 1 and 2

October 12th Chapter 3

October 26th Chapter 4

November 9th Chapter 5

November 23rd Chapter 6

December 7th Chapter 7-9

Literacy PD (Media Center 2:45 pm)

September 2nd Monitoring/Clarifying (“Fix-up Strategies”)

October 7th Making Connections/Activating Background Knowledge

November 4th Visualizing

December 2nd Evaluating/Determining Importance

Math PD

September 16th MP1 and Problem Solving Strategies

October 21st MP2 and Number Talks

November 18th MP3 and Thinking Aloud

December 16th MP4 and Modeling

Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

Bell to Bell Instruction

Alignment to Standards


Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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