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August 1, 2019

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Welcome Back


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!! I hope you all had a great summer and a restful break. We had a great time in our travels. Lots of mishaps, but that is what makes for a great story and lots of wonderful small moments. If you have pictures of the summer you would like to share with others send them to me and I will include in the next newsletter.

Welcome to El Verano, Savannah, Shannon and Lulu!!

This month we will be offering several days of professional development. Please see the catalog forwarded by Laurie from Jennifer Albini. Wed. August 14 is the Welcome Back BBQ for families at 6pm at EV. August 14th is a PD day and August 15th is a teacher workday. PTO and FSMI will provide lunch on Thursday and Friday. August 16th is our district welcome back day and staff meeting. August 19th is the FIRST Day of school. August 19, 20 and 21 are shortened days.

PLEASE WEAR YOUR El Verano TEE-SHIRTS to the staff welcome back on Friday, August 16. We will take a staff picture after the meeting in front of the oak tree.

Goals for 2019-2020

My goals for next year are the following:

Focus on EL and RSP students academic achievement

Providing self care options for staff

Focus on positive support for behavior for students

Offer in class mindful support for students

Provide a systematic process for referrals to mental health providers

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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

The K-5 principals have been hard at work alining our behavior systems. We developed several new forms and systems to better support your work in the classroom and students needs. The Restructuring Team is reviewing the documents and you will see them at our meeting on August 16.

Please make sure you....

1. Check if your classroom phone is operable and the number is correct

2. Confirm your car make and color and that you have a parking pass

3. An EV tee shirt for Friday, August 16th meeting at the high school and photo at EV

4. Sign up for Remind texting: number: 81010 message: @evstaf

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate with me about concerns, comments, questions.

6. Check the schedules in the handbook

Art and Art Escape

Art Escape will be continuing with the after school Mosaic Art project. There are 15 spaces, which is equal to 3 spaces per class. Classes will begin in September. Be on the look out for students you think would benefit from some art classes after school.

K, 1 and 2 - the Plein Air grant will focus on K, 1, 2 and 3 this year. We will be doing sculptures in the Magical Garden area in-between the 30s and 40s wing. This will being in February during school. about 5 hours for each class. A combination of in class and out of class small group work. More later!!

Black Top Improvements

With the help of ArtEscape and some volunteers we are looking into providing more backstop type games. This is in the initial stages. Thoughts or ideas?
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What a few teachers think about EV

Strong community based

Many things happening her for the community

We are a larger part of the community

Strong ELA curriculum

Parents are involved

Parents support their children

I have grown as an educator at EV

Opportunities here that aren't available elsewhere

Expectations are clear

Kids are awesome

Feels like home

Second family

Welcoming and warm

Staff caring and supportive

We have a What ever it takes attitude

We have each others backs!

Up Coming Events


Mon 5 & 6 District Admin Retreat

Fri. 9 New Teacher Orientation and EV Restructuring Team

Mon. 12 PBIS at District (Maite, Gen, April, Missy, Gabi and Catherine)

Tues. 13 PBIS at District (Maite, Gen, April, Missy, Gabi and Catherine)

Wed. 14 Staff Development

Wed. 14 Welcome BBQ for Families – 6pm

Thurs. 15 Teacher Work Day & Lunch

Fri. 16 All Employee Welcome & Lunch

Mon. 19 First Day of School

Mon. 19 Staff Check in 2pm

Wed. 21 On your Own Wed

Fri. 23 Staff Party 4pm

Sat. 24 Red and White Ball

Mon. 26 Staff meeting 4pm

Wed. 28 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 1

Fri. 30 EV Family Lunch BBQ & ELAC 6pm


Mon. 2 Holiday

Wed. 4 On your own for BTSN

Wed. 4 BTSN 6pm

Wed. 11 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 2

Sat. 14 Plein Air in the Park

Mon. 16 Principals TK-12

Wed. 18 Grd Level Meeting 1:55pm -3, District Grade Level Meeting 3pm-4:30pm

Thurs. 19 Ed Tech Coaches 3:45pm

Mon. 23 Staff meeting (90 minutes)

Wed. 25 Picture Day, Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 4

Thur. 26 District Academic Senate 8:30-3:30pm

Fri. 27 Restructuring Team, SSC 3:30 & ELAC 6pm

Sat. 28 Vintage Festival Parade


Wed. 2 Jog a Thon & Level meeting 1:55pm - 5

Thurs. 3 DELAC 6pm, LCAP 6pm

Fri. 4 District EL/Intervention 8:30-2:30pm

Mon. 7 Staff meeting

Wed. 9 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 6

Thurs. 10 Principal TK-12, Ed Tech Coaches 3:45pm

14 to 18 Parent Teacher Conferences

Wed. 23 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 7

Thurs. 24 Elementary Principals, Curriculum Advisory Committee 3:45

Fri. 25 Restructuring Team & Fall Festival Dance

Mon. 28 Staff meeting

Wed. 30 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 8


Fri. 1 Staff Development (non stu day)

Mon. 4 Staff meeting

Wed. 6 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 9

Thurs. 7 DELAC 6pm, LCAP 6pm

Fri. 8 A-Z For Parents 8:30am

Mon. 11 Holiday

Wed. 13 Grd. Level meeting 1:55pm 10

Fri. 15 Principals TK-12

Mon. 18 District Grade Level Planning TK-2, Staff Meeting

Tues. 19 District Grade Level Planning 3-5

Wed. 20 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 11, District Grade Level Meeting 3pm-4:30pm

Thurs. 21 Ed Tech Coaches 3:45pm

Fri. 2 2Restructuring Team, SSC 3:30 & ELAC 6pm

25-29 Holiday


Mon. 2 Staff meeting

Wed. 4 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 12

Fri. 6 District EL/Intervention 8:30-2:30pm

Fri. 6 Wreaths, Family Celebration 6pm

Wed. 11 Grd Level meeting 1:55pm - 13

12 & 13 Holiday Fair

Fri. 13 Staff Party

Mon. 16 Principals TK-12

Wed. 18 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 14

Fri. 20 Coffee Day

23-3 Holiday