Enviromental Issue

By: Jasmine Contreras

Why is Global Warming a Problem?

Global warming is a big problem because it damages our atmosphere, which means it does not allow the sun's harmful radiation rays to escape, to keep the Earth from overheating.

How Many People Does it Affect and How does it Affect Them?

Global warming affects the majority of the people in the Earth.It makes the Earth get warmer and it makes it difficult to do agriculture, which is affected by all the ice being melted leading to floods on the fields. Many people lose their jobs and lives because of the floods.It also pollutes the air we breathe, the water we drink.This can lead to very dangerous health hazards if it comes in contact inside your body.

What Can Be Done to Fix Global Warming?

There are many things that can be done to fix Global warming all we need to do is just work together to help save our planet.
  • Reduce the increasing of too many factories
  • Plant more trees to keep our planet GREEN!!
  • Don't overdue with deforestation
There are many other activities or strategies that we can do to SAVE OUR PLANET!