Digital Citizenship

Use the internet safely

Being safe online

To have a clean footprint you need to know what to put online and what not to put online. A footprint is something you leave behind and it can never be erased, so if you search anything online anybody could see what you have searched. Its very important to make sure you leave behind a clean footprint so it doesn't affect your future.

Some easier ways of using the internet


A tool you can use is the command C button, you use that to copy something instead of right clicking and pressing the copy sign. This button makes it easier to paste anything you just use the command z and it wil paste it for you. Also another button you can do is command x, it redos what you messed up on sort of like deleting but it only deletes what you just did, if you keep pressing command x it keeps deleting what you did in order from last thing you did to the first. Another helpful one is command p it prints it automatically for you so you don't have to go to file print. The last one you can do is command A it selects everything for you. Those are just some shortcuts you can do that make things go just a little bit faster! Also to take screenshots all you have to do is shift command 4, its really easy to do.

Siting information

To make siting your information easier you can use easy bib. It sites your information for you so you don't have to copy and paste. and doing this on presentations make it look better. Most teachers consider using easy-bib it is great to use and a lot easier. You will probably use this site a lot when you get older

The Grandma rule

The Grandma rule is a pretty good rule so you don't get yelled at by your grandma. The rule is very simple, just don't post anything bad online you know your grandma won't like. It's a good rule to follow!


Passwords are very important. You don't want anyone hacking into your account, So you are definitely going to want to have at least 21 characters in your password even number letters and symbols so no one can get into it. But also make sure you don't tell your friends your password. One big thing you want to remember is not to FORGET your password.

viruses, & Hackers

You want to keep your computer safe from a virus. You will want to ge rid of the virus right away because if you don't that may lead to your computer shutting down and never turning back on. Now hackers you are going to want to not click on any pop ups that may be a spam, that can be a hacker figuring out how to get into your computer, and like i said earlier you will always want a safe passowrd so no one can guess it and don't have the same password for eveything you sign up for like facebook, twitter, instagram, ect.