Local News Update


When most people think of media, they think of the news. Although media is much more than what is on the TV. There is media everywhere: on the internet, on billboards and advertisements. The modern American cannot go through a single day without taking in multiple sources of media at almost every moment of the day, whether at the grocery store or even in their own homes. In many ways, media is inescapable, and that means a lot more than having to stomach a few Coca-Cola commercials. Media is a multi-billion dollar industry, with companies, politicians, and even state governments pouring dollar after dollar into finding a way into your head, and in some cases changing the way you think and feel. That’s where media literacy comes in. The meaning of media literacy is the understanding of the process by which it reaches you, why it reaches you, who paid for it to reach you, and why it’s reaching you in the time and fashion that it does. Someone who is literate in media understands that there is no news station or journal that reports “just the facts,” though they all claim to. He understands that Fox News or CNN is presenting specific stories in a specific fashion to make you feel a specific way, in hopes of getting you to drink a soda, or vote for a presidential candidate, or even support a war.