Ride With Orange For Beydn

Ride for Cancer. Ride for Leukemia. Ride for Beydn.

Beydn Swink was a happy, healthy, beautiful boy. He lived in Fort Benning, Georgia. Beydn was a fan of the Braves, the North Carolina Panthers. He loved soccer, video games, Percy Jackson, dinosaurs, and reading. Beydn loooved to read. He was someone's friend, someone's cousin, someone's brother, and someone's son. He had goals, and dreams, and he was only ten years old. In November 2013, Beydn was diagnosed with T Cell ALL. Childhood Leukemia. Four months later, he was gone. It didn't make sense. It wasn't fair. And we'll never know why it had to happen to him. Beydn was in remission. Beydn beat cancer, but a fungal infection that was developed while his body was going through chemo treatments, took over his body and on February 22nd, Beydn lost his battle and left us.

The ForBeydn Foundation, is a non-profit organization that is aiming to raise funds for research for the fungal infection that took his life. These fungal infections are seen as a death sentence. We don't want them to be seen that way anymore. Beydn isn't the only kid out there that this happened to. The PICU is full of kids like him, and you can help by buying one of these stickers for just $3.00. All funds go directly to the Scottish Rite PICU in Atlanta Georgia and help the research team to save these kids. So someone else's friend, or brother, or sister doesn't have to die. So the next person's baby can live.

You can also support ForBeydn on facebook.com/forbeydn or go to forbeydn.org to help spread the word.


For Beydn is a non-profit organization aiming to raise funds to help pediatric cancer and complications that arise from treatments, namely fungal infections.