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January Newsletter

A New Year!

It is so hard to believe that winter break is over and 2020 is upon us! This school year is going by so quickly and Presidents' Day Break will be here before we know it. We are excited for a new year and the sense of excitement and renewal brought with it. Once again, we are so grateful for all the students, parents, and staff that bring joy to us on a daily basis. We truly hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing winter vacation!

Reflecting back on the first half of the year, I would like to thank two organizations that give so much to our students: The Elementary Parent Teacher Council & Ada-Borup Booster Club. Both organizations have provided opportunities and materials for our students this year including classroom supplies, flexible seating, field trips, trivia prizes and recess equipment. Please consider donating to and thanking both of these organizations for all that they continue to do for our students.


Bree Triplett, Elementary Principal
ABES Grades 3 4 Winter Concert 2019

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The purpose of the Ada-Borup Elementary School is to provide a climate of quality education in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, which addresses the individual needs and growth of the students and staff members.

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Nurses Corner

Influenza is rampant in Minnesota. Prior to the break, Influenza B was hitting area schools (just not Norman County) hard. The break hopefully gave everyone a chance to recover and amp up their immune systems. However, Influenza A was in North Dakota, and is starting to show up in Minnesota. None of these viral infections respond to antibiotics. Comfort measures such as fluids, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, gargle with warm salt water, and REST are the best interventions for influenza. Antivirals are only effective if taken within 48 hours of symptoms. Antivirals help stop the virus from replicating or “reproducing” which lessens the length of illness.

Another intervention is to get the flu vaccine- while it does not always PREVENT the flu, it does lessen the length of illness. For most individuals infected with influenza symptoms last 7-10 days. With the flu vaccine, the body more quickly recognizes the flu virus and starts fighting it. By doing this, the symptoms of the flu last 4-7 days instead. Some people state they “get” the flu when they get the vaccine. That is not true! What they have is an immune response- which is a GOOD thing, because that means the body is battle-ready. Sadly, mixed in with Influenza is a nasty stomach virus that causes stomach aches, nausea, emesis, and diarrhea. It generally lasts 2-3 days and has impacted most family members if it is in the home.

Once the virus shows up in your home/school- GOOD HANDWASHING, getting enough sleep, and keeping your immune system strong can decrease your risk for getting influenza. Other steps you can take if your home is struck by illness is wash the bedding, wipe down commonly touched items, and clean the bathroom frequently until no one in the family has symptoms. Your children should NOT be sent to school until they have gone 24 hours without throwing up or diarrhea OR without a fever for 24 hours without medication. Please don’t give your child Tylenol/Ibuprofen and send them to school- because they will be sent home if their fever comes back.

Any questions, please call the school nurse Tracy at 218-280-3125.

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From the Transportation Office

Happy New Year!

It is that fun time of year where the weather can create some transportation issues from time to time. Please keep the following items in mind when getting your students ready for the bus:

*Rural Driveways

Please keep driveways cleaned out and passable for our rural buses

*Rural Roadways

Please give Shawn Roux a call if the roads around you are not passable.

*Call if Not Riding

Please call Shawn Roux if your child will not be on the bus.

*Bus Passes

Students will need a written note or email from home if they need to get on or off the bus at a stop other than their normal route.

Shawn Roux

Ada-Borup Transportation Director


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