Malcolm Liddell

NBA player

Who am I

I am 15 years old. My favorite sport is basketball and I play it for at least 1 hour everyday. I am chill and funny to hang around. I like collecting basketball shoes such as Nike and Jordan shoes and my favorite color is pink.
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My favorite things

My favorite things to do are play basketball, eat pizza and watch YouTube videos. I love playing basketball because I have been playing basketball since I was five and it makes me forget about everything when I play it. My favorite food is pizza because I like how you can put anything you want on it such as bacon, pepperoni and sausage. My favorite color is pink because I think it is a unique color.

My schooling

The school I went to from Jr Kindergarten to grade 5 was Stanley Mills Public School. I didn't have much friends and I was a bad kid back then. Then when I graduated from grade 5 I went to Sunny View Public School from grade 6 to 8 and graduated their. I made many friends their and didn't get into trouble and I stopped being a bad kid. After graduating grade 8 I went to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am now in grade 10 and all the friends I had in grade 6 are my same friends I have now.

My future

The future plan I have is to become a Nba player. I plan on doing this by scoring 30 points a game this year and then get scouted to go to a prep school. Then from prep school I predict that I will do good and get offers from D1 basketball university's and colleges. After that I hope to do good and go to the Nba draft and get drafted first round.

People in my life

The people that have been very important to me in my life are my grandparents. They are very important to me because when my parents divorced my grandparents took care of me for about five years. They helped out my dad with everything and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been where I am now with all the things I have now.

My friends

1. Is to stay loyal to your friends and tell them the truth for everything and to never lie to them.

2. Is to socialize with them a lot so you guys have a good relationship.

3.If they are important let them know that they are important so they know you are real.

4.If you have to many friends cut off the ones that aren't real.

5.Find out what you guys have in common.