CCA Food Drive

Mary, Nikki, Cameron, and Rachael.

CCA Christmas Food Drive

Looking for a way to spread your Christmas cheer during the holidays? DONATE to our CCA Food Drive! The CCA focuses on feeding underprivileged people. Any non perishable food is welcome, such as canned and boxed foods!

About the CCA

The Cristian Community Action (CCA) is an organization that helps families in need. They started as a small Bible study group in 1973 but grew into a big organization with over 150 members and more than 2500 volunteers. Some of the projects that the CCA includes are adult health center, food pantry, affordable housing, and seasonal programs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to earn at least 50 nonperishable items to donate to the CCA. We chose CCA because it was a good dependable community. We're collecting these nonperishable items for them by finding some of them ourselves in our homes, asking friends and neighbors, etc. When we receive enough items we are going to help donate and organize our items along with the CCA on Saturday.



Today we created our website and made a plan for collecting food. Rachael is in charge of the presentation, Mary is the group manager in charge of social media correspondent, Nikki is the photographer, and Cameron is the liaison. After school we are going to individually collect non perishable items from our family, friends, and neighbors.

Cans earned: 10


Today we made flyers to give out after school. Mary created a Twitter and Instagram to promote our food drive. Follow us at @CCAFoodDrive on Twitter and Instagram! Cameron has set up a date and time for when we go to the CCA. We are going on Saturday at 9:00 am.

Cans earned: 25


Today we worked on the website. Rachael and Mary worked on the website. Rachael researched background information about CCA to include in our website, while Mary researched more about the food drive. She put the link on the social media accounts so people can go to the page if they need more information.

Cans earned: 50


Today was our last day before we go to CCA to volunteer, so we made sure that we were prepared. We tallied up how many items of food and it was over 100! We not only met our goal but we exceeded it by over 50 items!

Cans earned: 100+

CCA Food Pantry


On Saturday we went to CCA! We had so much fun volunteering. We saw what food they were running low on in the pantry and then restocked it. It was really cool to see the food we collected make a change in someone's life! Today we worked on putting the images that we took onto our presentation.


Today we delegated who's doing what for our presentation. Rachael is explaining why we chose CCA, what the CCA is, and what our goal was. Mary is explaining what we did and the social media. Nikki is describing how our experience was, and Cameron is explaining the journals.