Aeries Gradebook Follow Up

From Our December 8th Training

Below we have included the answers to all of the questions brought up during our training that we were unable to answer. We have also included the links we used during the training that might be helpful.

Have a great Winter Break and thanks for being awesome!

Answers to Your Questions

  • Can I share my gradebooks with other teachers? If yes, will they get the docs I attached? Yes, you can but the teachers will not get the attachements from those documents. They will restore from one of your backups in order get a copy of your gradebook.
  • If I restore from a backup for next years' gradebook, will my attached documents be there? Unfortunately they will not.
  • Master schedule submission (by Admin.) showed parents, in parent portal, the teachers their kids will have for the upcoming school year. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Yes. We will close access to the pages in parent portal that give parents visibility into their class assignments and assigned teachers information.
  • Can a teacher see who is logging into parent portal from their classes? Yes. Under the Student Profile (under Student Data), the lower-right "widget" is called Linked Portal Accounts. This shows which parents and students have accounts and the date they last accessed the portal.
  • Can GATE and EL students be automatically marked on the report card when it's time for grade submission? For EL's this will happen next year. However, this is not possible for our identified GATE students at this time.
  • Can I be added to my partner teachers roster so that I can submit my own grades? Yes. Your administrator can add a secondary teacher to the roster, which will give access to both teachers for grade reporting.
  • If I didn't use the gradebook for Trimester 1 can I still use gradebook to submit cumulative grades for Trimester 3? No, you can't. The reason for this is that the gradebook won't have any information to pull from Triemester 1. However, when you start next year and use the gradebook from day1, then this won't be an issue.