January Newsletter

Carolina Pearls

Look out 2014 we are going to be the best Stella & Dot team!!!!

We have so much to celebrate this year as a team. We sold over a half million dollars in jewels, handbags and scarves. Our team grew by 38 new stylists, we formed new friendships and learned new leadership skills.

I challenged all of you to send in your goals this week and some of you did it. People usually do not like to write down or share their goals because if they do not meet them they feel like they have failed. That is not true at all! We all need to have a clear path to know how to achieve our goals whether they be short or long term goals.

Take a few minutes to write down what you want to accomplish in 2014. Then think about what it will take to achieve these goals and then stick to it and never quit. At the end of the year...... I will ask you what your best moments were in 2014.

Cheers to a fabulous year!!!

Wrap Up The Season Reward Winners

Level One ( $350 in Free Product Credits)
Lauren Whitfield
Mandy Owens
Kelly Bowers
Joy Ballard
Kim Mosley
Heather Davis
Amy Kahn
Jessie Hansel
Jill Edwards
Mindy Forlenza
Allie Blalock
Jillian Holmes
Heather Diliberto
Jillian Bowlin
Anastasia Farrell
Olivia Whipple

Level Two ( $500 in Free Product Credits)
Cindy Epps

Level Three ( $750 in Free Product Credits and the new Coral Tote)

Anne Bennett
Jennifer Holleran
Laura Reynolds
Kelli Stanley
Heather Stepp
Dana Sellers

The Fabulous "31"

Here are the stylists that earned the 5% bonus-Retailed at least $2308

****1. Laura Reynolds $5,410****

2. Anne Bennett $3,993
3. Kelli Stanley $3,940
4. Dana Sellers $3,772
5. Jennifer Holleran $3,558
6. Cindy Epps $2,671

Stylists that were qualified-Retailed at least $500
7. Mindy Forlenza $1,981
8. Marion Braden $1,947
9. Jillian Holmes $1, 808
10. Heather Stepp $1,667
11. Jessie Hansel $1,642
12. Heather Diliberto $1,630
13. Heather Davis $1,419
14. Jill Edwards $1,341
15. Joy Ballard $1,157
16. Sandy Entin $1,119
17. Amy Kahn $1,107
18. Lauren Whitfield $924
19. Anastasia Farrell $885
20. Katie Varrassi $788
21. Courtney Channell $775
22. Caroline Manrique $759
23. Katie Webb $737
24. Bonnie Berry $680
25. Cynthia Bennett $678
26. Ginger West $656
27. Chrissy Colburn $630
28. Chelsey Bennett $601
29. Mandy Owens $583
30. Kelly Bowers $562
31. Katie Adams $543

Look who Promoted!

Jennifer Holleran- Lead Stylist

What would you like to see in our newsletter?

I love doing this newsletter and seeing where everyone is stacking up on the team. Going forward this year, would you like more information or to just see what our team results are? I am dreaming big this year and I look forward to all of you at least selling $750. $750 used to be the number we used to be qualified until 2013. To have your name in the newsletter you will want to at least retail $750 a month! I told you I am dreaming big for all of US!!!! Shoot me an email if you have any suggestions sellers dana@gmail.com