Tanning Bed Ban

By: Aaron V and Cameron J

Opposing The Tan

We have chosen to oppose tanning beds because they have harmful effects on us as human beings. Frequent usage of tanning beds can cause skin cancer which kills about 9,940 people a year from skin cancer!

Our Argument is Important because...

  • Tanning beds can cause melanoma , the deadliest from of skin cancer.

  • Tanning Beds are addictive and cause users to use tanning beds more often which provides a higher risk of melanoma.

Who is Impacted...

People who use tanning beds on a daily basis have an increase of ten percent to get cancer.The FDA is improving upon this by taking restrictions to the young and/or pregnant. Users could also get taxed by extreme usage.

Impact on people

  • doctors see too many patients with a risk of developing skin cancer
  • teens get addicted once they start

Risks of Tanning

  • causes deadly forms of skin cancers
  • addictive giving a higher chance of developing skin cancer due to using it so much
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  • An estimated 1,957 indoor tanners landed in US emergency rooms in 2012 after burning their skin or eyes, fainting or suffering other injuries.
  • People who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent.
  • 13 percent of high school students have indoor-tanned in the past year, including over 27 percent of 12th grade females and almost 31 percent of non-Hispanic white females.
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Convincing the Public

Tanning beds should be banned because of the high risk of developing skin cancer and the and the harmful UV rays that are exposed to the young when used by youth.Imagine your daughter or son is told they have skin cancer and might not live. Don't let that be you.
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Helping The People

" The FDA's decision to more strictly regulate tanning beds will save lives and serve as a valuable resource in efforts to slow down the increasing rate of melanoma, particularly in the young. " The FDA is helping prevent tanning beds from being used in the form of a " black box " warning. Fortunately, the FDA is also putting " regulations on the use and sale of indoor tanning devices for minors under the age of 18. " The strict regulation helps teens from deadly diseases which is more possible to overcome them.