Sarah Evans

My Family

(Please excuse the old picture)

My family includes my 21 year-old sister Mandi, my 20 year-old brother Joey, my 15 year-old sister Lauren, my dad Don, and my mom Renee.

My hobbies

My Favorite Memory

My absolute favorite memory of all time was seeing "Wicked" on broadway in New York City. It was a beautiful play that was filled with laughter, tears, anger, and every other emotion in the spectrum. I appreciated it so much and hope that I can go back soon. I also simply adored being in New York City; it suits me. I plan to move there or to Los Angeles after high school.

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Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is my kitten Xenophilius (Phil for short). He is named after Xenophilius Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. He is only about 5 months old and he loves to cuddle (CONSTANTLY) and follow me around the house. He also loves stealing my food.

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