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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - September 6

This shouldn't be possible ...

When I fly in an airplane, I always think, "This shouldn't be possible. This big thing shouldn't be 30,000 feet off the ground." But it does and it's simply amazing.

I think the same thing happens at the beginning of a school year. Getting all these families registered, getting the building put back together, getting all those new science materials inventoried, getting students through the lunch line the first day, teaching students PBIS expectations, talking about building a reading life on day 3 ... This shouldn't be possible!

But it is - thanks to all of you. I love walking through the halls at 8:35 and seeing classes already engaged in learning on day 2. We built the plane and got it to fly - and fly really well in just a short amount of time. Here's to the rest of 2019-20.

Behavior teaching & PBIS

Thank you to everyone for your work and flexibility with PBIS rotations. Setting common expectations for students is important in all areas. Please help students remain accountable by re-teaching unexpected behaviors whenever they are observed. Many thanks to Brianne, Rachel, Cortney, Roxanne, and each classroom teacher for teaching the stations.

I also went into the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms on Thursday and Friday to talk about our new STOPit app, which allows for anonymous reporting. This is for students from 3rd-12th grades in SDSM. At this same meeting, I proactively talked about some specific behavior expectations with 4th and 5th grades that seem to impact older students.

Please don't forget to start using GOLDEN LIONS on Monday and have students bring them to the office between 9-2 for their pictures. Reinforcing expected behaviors at unpredictable times in the strongest way to help students remain invested in positive behavior (think about playing a slot machine - you never know when it is going to pay off).

MAP Testing

The MAP window is open until September 24. I would like all students to MAP test between the 12th and 19th (Thursday-Thursday). A few things:

• Identify testing sessions and enter info on this spreadsheet.

• There is a new feature in MAP testing this year that will identify students that are rapid guessing. If/when that happens, the student will be paused. You will be notified on your proctor screen and given a PIN to resume the session. Of course, have a conversation with the student prior to resuming. I've put screenshots of what it will look like below.

• Please don't underplay the importance of benchmark assessments to students. Sometimes we say "Don't worry about it - just show us what you know." I actually think it's ok to tell students "This is really important to us, and we want to know how to help each of you, so it actually is important to us that you do your absolute best."


Grade-level newsletters will start next Friday. Please work with your team to develop a format that will work for this year. I prefer that it is a format in which families can look back at past newsletters. I would also prefer one grade-level newsletter per grade level.

Sunshine Events

Many thanks to Rachel, Alyssa, and Amy for coordinating Sunshine events this year. Here is the document of events. Please be sure to send your Sunshine funds to them.

Structural Items

Substitute website - Please do a test log-in for Frontline (formerly AESOP) now. It is much easier to test your account access now than when you are suddenly needing a substitute. The link to many staff log-in items is on the district website at the top right where it says "For Staff". Giving as much notice as possible is always helpful - a Teachers on Call sub is more likely to pick up a full day job the night before than in the morning.

Windows - Windows need to be securely latched every night. Our building service helpers get into trouble when windows are left open, even if it was our fault originally. Here's what needs to happen for all classrooms - a building service helper needs to be able to look from the hallway through your room to your exterior windows. If your window is currently completely obscured, I am going to need you to un-obscure a portion of it by Wednesday, September 11, please.

PTO Meetings - Here is the sign-up sheet for PTO meetings. Please attend at least one per year because our PTO is vital to our success as educators. First meeting is Thursday, September 12. Meetings are from 7-8 in the library. Alternatively, you can attend an evening PTO event, but those are not all on the calendar yet.

Committees - We need another member for the bookroom committee, especially from upper grades. See Amy DeBruin if interested. We will also need a new member of our building Trauma Sensitive team (Cortney Schwaab was on both of these) and could use a person that is especially interested in PBIS. See me if interested.