Manorlu Swim Club

August 11, 2014 Newsletter

Announcing Manorlu's August Membership Promotion

Pass the August Promotion Information on to a Friend!

Please let your friends and family know that Manorlu is running an August Membership Promotion for new members. New members can enjoy all the perks of Manorlu this August for $200 (family of four.) Interested parties may email for more information. This is a one time offer.

Manorlu Guest Fees

At Manorlu, we love that you want to share our beautiful pool with your friends and extended family, but please remember that you must pay a guest fee for each guest you bring (even non-swimming guests), each time you bring them. You also must be present to have a guest at the pool and are responsible for reviewing "Pool Rules" with your guests. (Pool Rules are posted at the front desk.) The lifeguard at the front desk will fill in the guest book information and collect fees. Guest fees are as follows:

  • Weekdays: Adults - $5.00, Children under 16 - $3.00
  • Weekends & Holidays - Adults - $7.00, Children - $5.00
  • After 6pm: Adults - $2.00, Children - $1.00

  1. Adults dropping off or picking up a guest/member
  2. Adults (in street clothes) attending a scheduled party at Manorlu

A Giant Thank You to...

... Member Audrey Fricker who suggested and then coordinated the first ever Manorlu Bunco Ladies Night! Sixteen ladies joined in the fun. Thanks to everyone who helped or participated ~ it was a great night!

... Member Jeff Thompson for coordinating the Family Mini-Golf Outing. We are thrilled to report that the event raised over $800! Thank you to all our sponsors and players!

... and one last mini-golf sponsor roll call:

Ambler Flowers

Brother Paul's Pub & Restaurant

Bryers Funeral Home

Fedele Construction

Fox Insurance

Gerhard's Appliances

The Grace Family

The Jeff Thompson Family

Maryellen Fiore Foundation

Semisch and Semisch Law Firm

Wetzel Funeral Home

Manorlu Trivia Night - Friday August 29th

OH YES! Trivia Night is coming to Manorlu! Get your competitive juices flowing, start studying and form your team now!

  • Entertainment and prizes included
  • $20 per person / maximum 8 per team
  • BYOB and BYOF
  • Table themes encouraged but not required
  • This is a "bring a friend event" - no need to limit your team to Manorlu members - find your smartest friends and bring them along!
  • More details to follow!!

Got an idea for a newsletter topic - email me!

Have a question about Manorlu? Want to see something covered in an upcoming newsletter? Send a message to and I'll do my best to get it published!

Every Thursday Night is Tube Night!

Every Thursday night is tube night at Manorlu. So bring your tubes, noodles and other floatation devices and join in the splash party! Tube night begins at 7pm and ends at 8:45pm.

And... after you've dropped the kids off for tube night... adults can head up to the volleyball court for some fun on the sand. See below for more information.

Thursday Night Co-ed Adult Pick-up Volleyball!

With the addition of the beautiful new sand to our volleyball court area... we'd like to invite all volleyball players (high school age and older) for a pick-up match. Overhand serve, underhand serve, no serve? No worries - we can make it work and have fun at the same time. Come out, get a little exercise and have fun!

When: Thursdays throughout the summer (beginning this week, June 19th) at 7pm

Where: Manorlu's own volleyball court

Fee: Absolutely free - just bring your competitive spirit and jovial attitude

Lost and Found

Missing a towel? Flip-flops? Pool toys? Our "Lost and Found" bin is overflowing! Please take a few minutes to check the bin for your personal items. The Lost and Found bin is located on the women's bathroom side, under the swim team bulletin board (If an item is clearly marked with a name, we will do our best to return it to its owner.)

White cards, blue cards, pink cards... what do they all mean?!?

Ever wonder why some members of your family have a white card while others are blue or pink? Here's a brief reminder of who gets what color card and the privileges afforded to each cardholder:

White Cards - Issued to members who will be 16 or older during the 2014 calendar year.
White Card Privileges:

  • May use pool whenever open.
  • May use pool during "adult swim."
  • May supervise/babysit pink and blue cardholders while at pool.

Blue Cards - Issued to anyone turning 12 to 15 years old during the 2014 calendar year.

Blue Card Privileges:

  • May use the pool and grounds without White Card holder supervision.
  • BLUE CARD holders may not supervise/babysit Pink Card Holders.

Pink Cards - Issued to any members 11 and under during the 2014 calendar year.

Pink Card Privileges:

  • May use the pool and grounds ONLY when SUPERVISED by a WHITE CARD HOLDER.

Individual Swim Lessons at Manorlu

Private lessons are available for all ages. Private lessons are arranged with the coaches/instructors privately. They generally run for one half hour. Contact lifeguard Reagan McCarthy or Manager Brian Affleck with questions - at the pool or via

Questionable weather? Wondering if the pool is still open?

Well, wonder no longer! Manorlu Swim Club is now using a service call "Rained Out."

In the event that we must unexpectedly close the pool due to lots of rain, thunderstorms, or heaven forbid - an accident in the baby pool, a text alert (or and email, if you prefer) will be sent to all subscribers with a Manorlu update. For those who may be familiar - Rained Out is the same service used by the Upper Dublin Soccer Club to notify members of field closures. It's free (text messaging rates apply) and only takes two minutes to sign up using this link:

How often and what kind of messages can you expect to receive? Hopefully we will have a sunny summer and the pool will close infrequently, but here is a sample of possibilities:

  • Pool closed for weather (may seem obvious, but it can be raining in Dresher and sunny in Abington... and who wants to make the drive to find the pool closed!)
  • Reminder for Manorlu events such as the 4th of July celebration, the Adult Social, Sunday Sundaes, and more.
  • Reminder for pool closing for home swim meets

(Note for swim/dive team families: To receive notification of general pool closures and happenings, you must sign up using this link. It is a different account. It covers all Manorlu members and is different from the swim/dive team account. For non-swim/dive team families: This account will not be used to communicate general swim/dive team information.)

Please contact if you have any questions.

Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Manorlu Fun

Don't forget to add these fun activities to your calendar:
  • Sunday, August 24 - 3pm Sunday Sundaes
  • Friday, August 29th - Adult Trivia Night!

Manorlu's Snack Bar is Open!!


Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Friday: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Manorlu Sports Equipment

Manorlu has sports equipment available to members at the front desk. To borrow the equipment, just leave one dollar with the life guard while you play and get your dollar back when you return the equipment. We have basketballs, jump ropes, kick balls, volleyballs, shuffle board gear and more. Enjoy playing on the beautiful Manorlu grounds without lugging your sports gear with you.

Let's Have a Party!

Looking for somewhere to host a private graduation, birthday or anniversary party? Like to have a non-private family, team or other group outing? Consider the gorgeous grounds of Manorlu Swim Club! There are many options available. As the Board of Directors continues to look for new ways to show off our pool and generate funds, the pool may be made available on a very limited basis (once or twice a year) for a private function. Interested in any type of party at Manorlu? Please email and we’d be happy to discuss this with you and help make it happen!

Clean Bathrooms are Our Goal

It is always our intention to have the cleanest possible bathrooms available to our members. The lifeguards and managers check and clean the bathrooms several times a day; however, it is possible that a bathroom can get "icky" very quickly. Please help the guards and manager-on-duty by reporting any bathroom messes to the front desk. Thank you!

Social Media and Manorlu

Manorlu is keeping up with the times! To get the latest and greatest information, visit us at, friend us on Facebook (Manorlu Club) and follow us on Twitter (@manorluswimclub.) But, in the event that you're not a social media fan, you can still get all the information you need from this newsletter or on the main club bulletin board across from the front desk.