By: Brandon Nelson

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What is Rye?

Rye is a grass grown as a grain, cover crop, or for forage. It is a member a the wheat tribe and related to barley. Rye is used in multiple byproducts such as, Flour, Rye bread, Rye beer, and some whiskeys.

Rye was domesticated in central and eastern turkey.

The top 5 Rye Producers in 2012

1. Germany 3,893,000

2. Poland 2,888,137

3. Russia 2,131,519

4. Belarus 1,082,405

How is Rye grown?

Rye grows better than wheat in cold, wet climates. It also grows in poor soils that won’t support wheat, but yields about 30 percent less. Plant rye in the same manner and at the same rate as winter wheat any time from late summer to late fall. Rye ripens 7 to 10 days before winter wheat.

How is rye harvested?

Rye is cut and windrowed the picked up by a harvester that seperates the chaff from the kernel.
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