~Carson Café~

Come by to sip some coffee and CELEBRATE the JOY!

VIEWS from the TOP!

When you look out from your work window... what's the view like? Do you notice the chaos, the endless construction zones, the smog line? Or do you notice how the city has grown around you? How all the buildings (skyscrapers, bungalows, contemporary and abandoned) seem to fit together like a puzzle? Come share a window, discover the view, and marvel at what's WORKING in our Wheeling community!

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The UN-agenda...

7:00--Fill your mugs and pack in some protein!

7:05--Mingle and Motivate (Set the POSITIVE PACE for 16-17!)

7:15--Staff Celebrations (What's WORKING for you?)

7:30--Idea Flurry (Got a suggestion? Have it HEARD!)

7:35--Toast & JAM (Refill and RUN!)

Thursday, May 12th, 7am

The STAR room!

Stay for a SIP... or chill and REFILL!!