Pinewood Weekly Newsletter

January 8, 2021

Principal's Message - Safety Guidelines Review & Substitute Needs

Dear Falcon Families,

Welcome back to the New Year! We are looking forward to completing this second half of the school year and hoping that in the coming months ahead we will see some normalcy return to our school and community.

As you all are aware, we are currently experiencing an increase in COVID cases in our county which has lead to more restrictions. We often receive updated guidance from the public health department and the department of education intended to keep kids and staff safe. As a California public school, we will continue to follow these directives.

In recent weeks, California has expanded its face covering guidance. The two most significant changes that apply to our school are 1.) All children above the age of 2 must wear a mask/face covering and 2.) For those students wearing a shield, a drape must be attached to the bottom edge. Please refer to the link below for this detailed guidance.

I also want to stress the continued need to screen your child for symptom's each morning. If in doubt, hold them out from school and call the school for guidance. We will connect you with our school nurse. If you or another member of the household have developed symptoms and are awaiting COVID test results, please keep your child home as well. We will work with you to get them assignments to keep them on track.

I often say the BEST thing about our district is it is small. I also say that the most CHALLENGING thing about our district is it is small. I share this because we need to keep our staff healthy in order to stay open. We have a very limited substitute pool to cover positions. If you as a parent are interested in becoming a substitute for a classified position such as instructional aide, yard duty supervisor, or custodian, call the school office and we can support you. Likewise, if you currently hold a bachelor degree and would like be a substitute teacher, we can connect you with the county to join this substitute pool.

Again, I look forward to these coming months with a sense of optimism. Together we will get through these challenging times.


Kim Little

California Expanded Face Covering Guidance

This document outlines changes to the face covering guidance - released November 2020.

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