The Tell-Tale Heart

By: Edgar Allen Poe


The young crazed man wanted to murder and old man, who he was close to. He had a strange obsession for the old mans evil vulture-like eye. Once he finished his deed, the police came over and he covered his crime well. But, he started freaking out uncontrollaby and exposed his crime to them and turned himself in after they believed he was innocent. So, when he was convincing himself throughout the intire story he wasnt crazy, and he was the sneakiest person alive, he got caught anyway.


The man was planning on getting away with a murder of an innocent old man, while convincing himself he was completely sane, since he was accused of bieng insane.


1.) You may say your one thing, but but others can determine the truth.
2.) If you commit a crime, you will get whats coming to you.


The conflict is the narrarator wants to murder an old man for his eye. He says =, "He had the eye of a vulture- a pale blue eye with film over it." He valued the eye and wanted it for himself.


The main character develops through the story from gloating about his sneakieness to getting caught.The old man stays the same thoughout the entire story, but hes a nice mine according the beginning of the story and you can't help but feel bad for him.