Zachs Lie



Jack is at home sleeping until he wakes up and there was a guys hand over his mouth. It was some people ran sacking the house he then took jack down stairs were he saw his mom and sister. The leader knelt down to his mom and put the phone to his mom ear. and told her to tell his dad that they were fine. And hung the phone up. They left and told Jack not to untie his mom and sister until the time was up. Then they called the cops and put them under witness protection. And moved them to Elko, Nevada. Where he meet this girl named catalynn. and they become freinds.


Jack(Zach), Neil(dad),Wanda(Joanne),Mary/Mom(Patricia),Sam Sebesta,Catalin Cristobal, Alonzo, Berry jones, Paul snider, Peter



  • Jack is a shy person
  • Don't have very many freinds

  • Was a pilot
  • Had a small airplane Company

  • The sister of Zachs
  • She likes to act in school plays

  • Zachs mother

  • The custodian of Elko middle school
  • He is freindly

  • The sweetest girl Zach ever meet
  • Zachs girlfreind



  • The big boss
  • runs a drug cartel

Authors book recommendations/Additional book recomendations

Roland Smith

He was born in Portland, Oregon. He knew what he wanted to be at a early age. When he was five years old, He got a Old manual type writer. He had a passion for books before he could even read.He always loved books.He loved it so much he started working with animals.He had an English Major at Portland state university.


This book is kinda dull in the beginning of the book. And then it gets really good i would recommend you to read this book.It is full of action.And if you like good action books this is the one for you. There is the sequel that's pretty good to. It called Jacks run.